Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wasting Paper

So I was a participant in a discussion about Paper Couture a month or so ago, and group consensus dismissed them as totally ENC. (That's "Emperor's New Clothes" for the uninitiated.) But then they released the Fall line. What unmitigated gall. One look at the new releases and I had to undo all my well thought out arguments. Colours! Feathers! Prim ... well, interesting bits!

Paper Couture

What amazingly well thought out tones on this, the "Comfy Suit." The Lu Sisters got it very, very right. Just enough feathery floaty bits to create interest and break up the lines, yet not enough that some Momma bird tries to stuff worms down my throat. And I was informed that I look like a glam Rock Star in this so it's definately on my personal win list. Usually I avoid brown but this shade has a great sheen on it - and that leg seam is very realistic. These pants feature the Fall motif of bird's eyes, a design they've used throughout the collection on both the male and female lines.

You can see this also on the "Learning Suit"

Paper Couture learning

Yes. I'm pretty sure it was meant for the ladies as well. It had a big poofy collar and dramatic cuffs all in cream. And it looked fantastic as long as you didn't... move... an... inch. I tore all the extraneous sculptery off it (sure, that's a word) and I find this configuration to be very wearable. A kind of Sunday morning lounging suit. I'm sure the Lu's will weep when they see how their masterwork gets molested, but... if I wasn't meant to mess around with it, it wouldn't be mod, right?

There is also a silver set named the "Silver Pied" and a brown one named "Leather Scales" but not only do I look dreadful in brown -yes, Copacetic, I'll capitulate- but Lucas Lameth has done a great job of covering them already.

Oh yes. And no birds were harmed in the making of these Paper Couture outfits.

..... but my shoes are made of cute baby seals.


  1. You do fasion so well Mr. Jefferson

  2. You always manage to end your blogs in a fabulous way

  3. Wow! Great stuff!

  4. lol, wonders when you ever are still long enough to lounge :)

    xox Sasy xox

  5. brown is only one step away from Orange, Mr. Jefferson... very well done!

  6. Nice post as always. The second pic in the silky suit almost looks like pajamas and with the added headband in your hair, it looks as though you are sitting down getting ready for a facial on a sunday morning. Come on ladies, we can get together with Winter and paint our toe nails (or his)!

  7. Oh and the first pic, I pondered if this was your new way of hailing a taxi in your new PC outfit. Cabby's always love a little leg and hand gesture.

  8. <333 it well done babe

  9. Both jackets look absolutely delicious, and -- nice shoes!

  10. Noooo! not the baby seals *cries*

    but GREAT first fashion post! yay!

  11. I love it :) and yes, I stand by my comment that you look like a rock star <3


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