Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Cheers

CheerNo Destiny recently rebranded from a.C Store to the more eponymous "CheerNo." Well known for his outre takes on male fashion, especially gay clubwear, his clothes have been riotous, daring and above all different. I own a few of his earlier pieces, but I have to admit that the last two collections Montage and Madame did nothing for me, Montage in particular I just didn't "get" at all. But... Deuil, the new Winter release... wow. Yeah, it totally grabbed my attention from what I saw on the feeds, espesh this post of M4RI1YN's showing the Luz Devina set. So I checked it out. And I LOVED it. I've stopped myself at just two ensembles for now, but I'll probably end up clearing the collection out, piece by piece.

CheerNo 1

This is Mortiferra. Elegant grey tweed pants gothed up with this Marilyn Manson print gauze shirt - and yes, I want to be him when I grow up - enswathed with black tulle around the waist, shoulders and face.

CheerNo 2

This is glam-emo-goth at it's finest, in my opinion. It would have been too obvious and too easy to go with black leather pants - and he didn't. There are so many pieces in this that I'll be tearing apart and putting with other outfits, but I'm also happy to wear this out of the box. That doesn't happen often.

CheerNo 6

And this is Breack. Not a typo, although I keep self-editing it. There were two similar suits in the Deuil collection, and I went for the darker one.

CheerNo 5

I have a mad lust for pinstripes, have had my whole life. This features a charcoal broad striped pant, and very structured shoulders. The oversized cuffs are also made of glee. And check out the realism on those buttons!

CheerNo 4

Not all suits in SL have to be the full on heavy business dealio or a formal tuxedo; it's really hard to find an urban dressy-yet-laid back set. This was just what I had been looking for. Savvy yet not trying too hard.

CheerNo 3

Looking back over the last year's CheerNo / a.C Store's collections I get it now - they have all been vastly different. I know that I haven't been the "target audience" as I saw it described on another blog once, but I've never let any kind of labels define how I dress. (Or who I am, really.) It seems as if CheerNo is going to use his label as an exploration of his abilities, tastes, talents and inspirations and damned what anyone in fashion thinks of it. I think that's brilliant. And maybe I'll never wear the Dancing in the Rain set I bought that Dancien looks so fab in here, but I'll watch as each collection comes in. And cheer just a little if there's absolutely nothing in it I'd be caught dead in.

Other credits
Skin and Hair by [-Buried-]
Shoes - Cuban Heels by LaPointe and Bastchild
Eyes - Midday by Fusemelon