Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey - How You Dune?

Just a few of things I found over this last week that had me whimpering and reaching for my wallet.

Those who know me are aware of one of my hinky "things." As Elusyve once laughed at me - "Latex is your garlic." True. 93% of this is purely for it's aesthetic qualities... let's not go into that other 7%. Or I'd have to change the rating of this blog.

Latex Tron

I found this at a german store named Latex Station. I shouldn't say "store," as it was a utopian steel vision of the future... complete with models that made me want to run my tongue down them to hear them squeak - *cough* sorry, where was I? Oh yes. Full of rubber fun for both boys and girls. And with some surprisingly classy and elegant designs. Stop laughing; I mean it. And this is the Tron suit. Cue fanboi squeeees at the name, which alone would have made me buy it. And a latex cape....! Every deviant Vampire's dream. Surely I'm not the only one?

Latex makes me horny

One of the other items that stopped me in my tracks was this crown called the "Shai Hulud - Kwisatz Haderach." Again... I geeked out all over the name alone. It also comes with another configuration, the "Shai Hulud - God Emperor." Included as well is a glowy set of melange eyes - blue for the uninitiated. For those of you who don't know, this is from the Dune series by Frank Herbert. It's not vital to be a fan to fall in love with the opalescent textures and seamless spirals of this beauty. The poor team of designers at Dark Goddess Designs have had to listen to me rave on in breathless tones about this for DAYS. So much so that they gave me another set of cybernetic horns to shut me up - but I'm using them in a few days for another outfit so... deal. They also created the hostess's avatars at the "In Darkness" events last week; so if you were impressed by those check out the rest of these devilish delights.

This one has been on my Flickr page for a few days now, but I had to spray it about here as well.


Earthquake skin by Nikita Fride. Any other Australians thinking about burnt pavlova at this point? My bestie Noodle rocked up in the goriest, most realistic fighter skin EVER, and I begged - no, demanded to be taken to it's point of origin. Everyday and fantasy skins for men and women. And the most interesting conversations on voice from fellow shoppers - I learnt more about vibrators in half an hour from the team of skanks cruising the aisles than I have in 4 years of internet porn. So if you want to look like you went 11 rounds with Mike Tyson - whether that be in a boxing ring or at a beauty pageant - then come check out the fighter skins. Or if you want to have a frank and open discussion about which batteries have better staying power, then turn on voice and keep a box of tissues close at hand.

For the tears of laughter, you sickos.



  1. I like yer horns, super-vamp-guy. :D

  2. OMG, Tron? Kwisatch Haderach?? This post is a geek girl's dream come true =D

  3. *gasps and faints dead away, well not quite dead as she already is* SOOOO HOT AAACK...where's nate? ;-)

  4. Thank you for the glowing words, Winter. You are always welcome at the shop, and we didn't mind your raving at all. You know by now how I love the attention!

    Love the Tron Suit, the latex cape is noooiiice! I might have to check out Latex Station myself!

    btw, check your inventory when you get in next...

    ^Dark Goddess Designs^

  5. Thanks for the nice comments about the Tron outfit, anytime welcome in our store, but it's not a German store :)

    Best wishes,

    Chill3 Mills (owner Latex Station)

  6. Huh. I don't know how I managed to come up with the idea your store was a german one, Chill3. *facepalm* Possibly the sim name? Anyways - apology and retraction. But I'll be back, for sure. I think some of your botmodels were giving me the come-hither eye.


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