Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crouching Tiger, Posing Vampire

I've been lacking inspiration to blog recently; not counting the uberquick skin splooge before this entry I haven't been "feeling it" for weeks. I've hella been busy with some magazine and modelling projects; but every time I opened up this blogpage it was just a case of us staring at each other blankly. Till two things happened; the Zhang Yimou wuxia movie Hero was on TV the other night, and the next day I came across Ocean Blackthorne's Flickr stream.

I can't come anywhere near this guy's general amazingness but I took inspiration from his work, the fact that Bare Rose turns 5 this weekend - Congratulations June, Tori and your team! - and the katanas that I bought recently and haven't yet had a chance to blood. So this is my spin on the wuxia zeitgeist.




Shot at the Hatsumomo Castle

Headpiece - Japanese Hair Decoration by Noni Noel
Hair - Jadar in Diamond by Wasabi Pills - go check out the new sim, it's beautiful
Skin - Zwei Star by Lantern Evolution
Eyes - Perple (sic) Glow by ::hsh::
Armour - Scorn in Black Leather by Eclipse Development
Tattoos - Kanji Krazy by Huz Tatts
Kimono - Otoko Oiran in Black by Bare Rose
Swords - Uesugi Daisho Katana and Wakizashi by Elke Wylie