Friday, August 21, 2009

Official Duties

So I haven't seen the actual chat logs, but from what I can piece together from Achariya gigglefitting all over my inbox before a package arrived from Dark Eden - it must have gone like this.

Etain Peregrine: Here, Ach - this is the new Toxic Fey set. I thought it would suit you?
Achariya Maktoum: Wow, Etain - it's gorgeous! Thank you so much. OH! I know- let's be COMPLETELY AND RUTHLESSLY DIABOLICAL. Let's get your first ever Dark Eden Guy of the Month to blog it!

And then she would have cackled with malevolent laughter, stroked her cat's fur and ordered more sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads. Or something. The one sop to my ego was the afternote of "If any guy can pull it off, it's you." Humph. Most pageant competition winners get disgraced when they take their clothes off for pictures. But if you know anything about me you'll know that I never back away from a challenge. I'll do my best to avoid it - (Dancien, my pony boy tail is still at the cleaners, I swear. It'll be back for Melbourne Cup Day.) But enough stalling with this. I present to you a Winterised version of the Toxic Fey set from Dark Eden, a 2009 redesign of the famous Bondage Faeries set.

Fae 1

This is the "Bone" colour, and I decided with a grin it was the most fitting one for a man. Espesh with the loincloth. It comes with a bikini top and a g-string, but luckily I was permitted to not wear those - as well as the nip covers. I added just a touch more coverage down below with my Bare Rose briefs. (Yet one more reason the grid has to be grateful to June Dion.) And damnit, if I'm going to do this as part of my reign then I deserve to wear a crown.

Fae 2

Elusyve told me that the faeries needed to be pulled out of my crotch. Funnily enough, not the first time I've been told that.

Fae 4

And I also think the poor creatures drew straws to see who had to take the back of the loincloth.

Fae 5

All jokes aside, this is whimsical wonder of a set. Both in imagination, and execution. The bindings are so detailed, the fae's bodies are in great proportion and these locks are ultra realistic. So it's not meant for a man - I'd be better off picking up ColeMarie and duct taping her across my groin, but the particles would tickle. However it was really easy to fit, and in several cases the different sizes included meant that they already fit perfectly. (Time to hit the steroids, I think.)

Fae 3

It comes in 8 different colours, and will look a LOT better on you than it does me.
Just... trust me on that. Now excuse me whilst I find something to dislodge this faewedgie. I think the poor creatures have suffered enough.

Available at Dark Eden on the Olive sim.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Purple Reign

Whilst I was running around like a headless chicken an hour before the last Swansong show on Monday something dropped in from Fashcon that literally stopped me in my tracks. I dropped everything - those models just had to do up their own lingerie - and floated to LeeZu in cloud of WANT. So I only got to open the damn box today, but in that time.. oh yes, the love had not diminished one iota.

De Sade 4

The "Au Reviour De Sade" coat in Lilac.

De Sade 3

Look at this thing - it practically glows. That's no funky PS effect or some Windlight setting from Torley's most fevered dreams - that's how it actually looks.

De Sade 2

It took me a while to find pants and boots that did this work of beauty justice - but I found the Sailor boots at Drack Diesel's Arcavim, and the Open Low Rise Leather pants from Swaffette Firefly's SFD Designs. The gloves are from YV, a newish store with ultra realistic accessories.

De Sade

I also used this as an excuse to get the Sabura skin in Chaos from Den-Dou that I had been promising myself. I wasn't a fan of these skins, I've had Ichiro in my inventory since March and never felt it suited me. I put it back on 10 days ago, and holy crap - I don't know what happened in the meantime but now I can not take them off. And I stopped off to check out my friend Cerdwin Flanagan's of BLU282's new mainstore and gallery today. And these VitalBlu eyes were just sitting there, waiting for me. Okay, so I don't often do LOTD posts, but this one fell together. And it's not often I make an attempt at sexy vampire, so deal with it.

Oh - and a massive thank you to all those who voted me in as Dark Eden's first ever Guy Of The Month. Too awesome, and together we made history! I'll do my best to not have my crown taken off me in my month, but it will take me a while to size it up properly first...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shitter Was Full!

Cousin Eddy 1

"Everytime Katherine revved up the microwave, I'd piss my pants and forget who I was for a half hour or so."

Cousin Eddy 3

" Over at the VA they had to replace it with a plastic one that ain't as strong so I dunno if I oughta go sailin' down no hill with nothin' between the ground and my brain but a piece of government plastic...ya see the plate runs underneath my part here and if this gets dented then my hair just ain't gonna look right."

Cousin Eddy 2

Clark - "Eddie, has anyone ever told you you're bad luck?"

"Those were my mother's dying words. But I guess if your body's covered in third degree burns, and your foot's caught in a bear trap, you tend to start talkin' crazy. "


I wasn't going to do Achariya's John Hughes challenge - I mean, chick flicks UGH. Till I discovered that he wrote Christmas Vacation... and therefore created Cousin Eddy. Somehow he manages to be unique and yet we all know someone just like him - I don't know how it works, it just does. He's a roadkill eatin', disaster causin' white hot ball of trouble, and yet completely lovable at the same time.

So this was my tribute, and a reminder to all check your shitters.