Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Isn't Easy

So it's been a while since I blogged, and even LONGER since it's been an LOTD. I don't think I've managed one this year actually - being dead busy I've been vacillating between business wear and cyber couture. And if you don't know why then get the hell off my page now. It's also been a lack of inspiration - not because of the wonderful creators of SL of course, but I've been lacking that spark.

Until today.

It Isnt Easy1

Several weeks ago I joking begged on plurk for someone to make Lady GaGa's Kermit Jacket that she wore for a interview on German TV. I actually ordered Milla Michinaga of MichaMi to get onto it, but it seems as if Ash's Trash beat her to it. All the more reason I love Fashcon spam; there's some amazing treasures buried in amongst the rubble. Ashleey claims to have all the Britneywear that anyone could want; but I went after the notice said that she had six GaGa outfits all at 1l. No, I'm not a tragic. And you can tell this by reading my poker face.

It Isnt Easy3

A system jacket comes with; but I'm just covering my Belleza Thomas skin - barely - with Rotten Toe's tintable Cinema Strange shirt and gloves. Pants took me a while, I shuffled through a hell of a lot of my inventory... which is why this is getting posted 3 hours later than I intended... and it eventually regurgitated the Miamai Cydonia Pants. Yes, they are for girls. Does any of this post look like the height of masculinity to you?

It Isnt Easy4

Okay, so the HoC Chucks pass muster on the XY front. I can't say enough good things about this store - they turn out top quality shoes at under 100l with multiple colour options, and that's mad good value. I'm also working on replacing all my Exile hair one by one - Kavar has brought out new textures and they are SO GOOD. This is my fave Akio, I have problems taking this off. You can see the depth in his shading now, hell you can almost count each individual strand.

It Isnt Easy2

All it took to finish this off was the charmingly Engrish named Flog Ring from Love Soul; I've had this thing for almost two years now. And to try restrain myself from finishing up with that joke about what's green and smells like pork...?

Huh, looks like I didn't restrain myself that well after all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

'Ili Hana no'eau


In my regular stalking of the prettiest ladi - uhhh.. I mean, as I catch up on the well written and photographed blogs of the day I usually stop by Ashia Tomsen's site, Inventory Episode. This week I was horrified to see that she had been holding out on me - fantasy skins! And really, really good ones! The store is Terra's Bodyart and it holds an array of seamless wonders. From the sim name - Waitangi - and this beautiful polynesian/maori skin, I'm guessing she has an Islander background. I'm not doing so great with the words today, so I'll just throw a few pictures at you. This skin named Tribal comes in just this shade for the guys, but three for the ladies.


Another thing she's mastered is incredibly sexy cyborg skins. To my dismay they are currently only in female versions, so I dragged over my best friend and co-writer on this blog Summer Deadlight, pointed at the vendor and told her that she needed to own it. Luckily she agreed, or I'd have had to find a way to slip it inside her inventory when she wasn't looking.

Gold Goddess

This style is the Gold Goddess, it also comes in silver and chrome. You get the skin, as well as the clothing layers in this super high resolution.

Gold Goddess1

I'm a sucker for tattoos, always have been - and I thought these Yakuza slash Carnivale skins were awesome. The women's version especially were great value, from what I saw you got around 10 different styles in the pack.


Be aware - there are no demos instore. But there isn't really any way you could wear something this... transformative and still expect to look like yourself. The prices ranged from 250 up to 600, so it's worth having these in your inventory for a day when you want to be a beautiful freak.


A quote from this shoot "Sumz, could you please put on some black nailpolish? We can't see where you end and I begin."


Yes, the colours really are this vibrant inworld, and they are all so genuinely seamless that they make Ashia "happy in her no-no place". My no-no place had to miss out though... you think I could possibly have found a way to tint it to match?

Portage to Terra's Bodyart