Monday, December 27, 2010

The Androgyne Files

Pejic Andro Blog 1

Early in November I stumbled across pics of the new super super androgynous aussie model Andrej Pejic and plurked them, and quite a few of the ladies on my plurkline - Grazia espesh, MWAH - insisted that it looked as if Winter had escaped from SL. I wasn't so sure myself until last week when I found the new Mascarade skin release, Raphael. I own a few of their skins but this one was an instant fatpack fave. This is the homme line, there's also a femme line with the exact same makeups named Chou which Elusyve blogged here. (She's having major issues with the fact that I'm prettier than her, but you'd think she's be used to it by now, AMIRITE?) I was inspired to attempt my own Pejic style editorial shoot. And by editorial I mean "My attempts at artistic lighting in absence of photoshop." Feel free to be a bit disturbed.

I know I am.

Pejic Andro Blog 6

Pejic Andro Blog 5


What I'm Also Wearing

From Miamai - Myda Fingernails, Hine Leggings and a really low slung Marquise Corset, and I'm hoping Monica doesn't beat me up too badly for what I did to it.
From Mascarade - Raphael Skin in Night
From *Lightstar - Leather Gloves Black Long and Thigh High Pirate Boots
From Lamb - Heart hair in Milk
From MysTique Salon - Basic Black Unisex Lashes Tattoo Layer
From .:XX:. Millinery - Silver Skull Fascinator. This store is only available on the Marketplace and you need to check it out, everything is 10l or less but only for a few more days.
From Hermony - Eyes in Moon.
From .HoD. - Digital Spinal Piercing in Silver Lining

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hearts At Stake


This is Khalon Helmet; the new work of wonder by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills of whom I am an unabashed fan. Thinking about it - there is no abash in my vocabulary really... probably not in the dictionary either. Remind me to go look later. Anyways it comes in several different configurations of mask/no mask/helmet, and it's touch texture change for hair colour. I'm also wearing the Hellfire eyes from The Plastik, Yes Sir #4 Makeup by La Malvada Mujer, Darkened Heart by Bare Rose, and looking all pointedy with the Reaper Scythes from [T.King]

And yes, human beings were harmed in the creation of this blog.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Believe

Strawberry Singh asked us in her recent blog post "What Do You Believe In?"


I Believe That Everybody Matters.


This is my Second Life. All of you. This is both my inworld friends list and the people I interact with every day on plurk, everyone that restores my faith over and over that humanity can be wonderful. I believe in my friends.


If you know you are on either of my lists and can't find yourself, trust me in that I tried my hardest to find a creative commons pic of you on Flickr but I couldn't find one. That doesn't mean I don't like you, I promise. It's also not an exercise in name dropping. This took 9 hours to do, surely even the most dedicated social climber wouldn't bother with that much effort.

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Friends Mosaic 1

1. June Week 1 - Aradia Dielli, 2. Brie Pinazzo, 3. Pile up Ashia, 4. shoes_007.jpg, 5. Cerd Bw, 6. Elemental Body Swirls - Earth Set, 7. Pixie hug attack, 8. Copa 02202010, 9. Miss D, 10. Will O The Wisp - Anathema Promo, 11. childhood, 12. A Visit 4, 13. gazin, 14. JDiva Ophelia, 15. Jesika_Contepomi_headshot, 16. Jori Watler, 17. E U P H O R I A, 18. MERRY XMAS FROM KIRA, 19. stellar display, 20. Lovee, 21. Dont Touch Just Fix Me, 22. Morrigan in Black and White, 23. muerta, 24. curiouskeko1-1, 25. Rouge's Eloh mod, 26. La...Tee...Da, 27. Sanura4, 28. 20100718 RLF with Cole, 29. Review: []::Tuli::[] Audrey, 30. Ramadan Mubarak!, 31. Myself @ Bal Du Gabe, 32. Of Gems & Geodes - Precious Finds Extra I, 33. Thalia Heckroth, 34. T2 Headshot, 35. truthad002, 36. Sushi with Gier

My creation

2. 1. 7-24-09_2, 2. Day1 of lots, 3. Triskel, 4. for PILE UP <3, 5. TTF - SEASONS DRESS, 6. Noir, 7. 52 Weeks of Color: Grey, 8. N1CO Ileana - Sommer of Love Fair, 9. -Perse- Eye Art, 10. FashionShow-WildStyleFashions-Pret-a-porter-OutsideTheLines, 11. Bite Me... , 12. my only friend, 13. Ayla - wearing Midnight Bloom, by Tyr Rozenblum 2, 14. 4, 15. Bety - the photographer part 2, 16. Bianca Darling, 17. blackLiquid Tokyoska for MVW 2011 2nd version, 18. sas4, 19. BoRee Vella, 20. Brandy, 21. PROFILE PHOTO - callie cline, 22. katatonik_006, 23. Lost, 24. Meet me in Narnia, 25. +One, 26. Mr. Lane looks almost angelic in this light, 27. worlds end noir, 28. Curvs 10.6.09, 29. monster nom, 30. Dahlia Suicide, 31. It kind of looks like I'm photo-bombing., 32. Far and away..., 33. Me!, 34. Monta's blog - Domch Raymaker, 35. Dove 2.0, 36. Readin with my bunny

My creation
3. 1. short ear'd gnome, 2. Metal Runes, 3. Myda, 4. gatcha fashionista, 5. Raise Your Glass, 6. There Once Was a Birdy, 7. Observer of the woods, 8. Gattina at new Hotel Dare, 9. Mardi Gras Masquerade 2009 Ghanima Uriza, 10. GreyChallenge_006, 11. Cobra by Moonlight, 12. Equestrienne, 13. Haakon_Schumann-4, 14. Ex-Linden Party 7, 15. Thank God I'm a Country Girl, 16. The Stringer Mausoleum-Hunt of the Living Dead Item, 17. Herra - Make it Work, 18. i got a blue bird,, 19. Hibiscus Flossberg, 20. !Long Ago Dress, 21. Jarl Soderstrom for Mr Sartoria, 22. June Dion, 23. Torn - by Cynthia Smit, 24. Empress, 25. Kalli...again ;), 26. Kavar Cleanslate, 27. <3>, 28. skelleton arms revisited, 29. Blue blood, 30. Laurel Luminos- Formal, 31. smokin', 32. KABUKI b o u t i q u e F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 1 0 Ca s t i n g – Leah McCullough, 33. study, 34. lm2, 35. fireeeeeee, 36. When they knock down the door

My creation

4. 1. blogged: it goes with the fashion, 2. Why, 3. Mae Eyes w/Lashes, 4. Malk has lost his head, 5. Here comes the rain - Hair Fair 2010, 6. Ear Phones, 7. /Wasabi Pills/ Hair Fair 2010 - Ran Portrait, 8. Untitled, 9. Varda Rose Crown from Illusions, 10. Love The Skin Yer In, 11. Winter's gift, 12. Natasja_Schumann404 copy, 13. omwtf honeybbqsauze, 14. OomPoppaMowMow Snookums, 15. Evane - Diram show - February 2010, 16. Diamonds Are Still Forever, 17. Style is a Lie, 18. Rebel Hope, 19. Brooke Rebel Rebel 6, 20. More Polyvoring, 21. Purple Eyes!, 22. Yearning for Noir I, 23. Ryker :: Nov 2010 :: Wearing Sylvan, 24. Dinner.., 25. Holly Test, 26. Tomboy, 27. Sawyer Campese, 28. Rule, 29. Slate, 30. The Next Step in SL shoes, 31. Silkyn Dagger - Headshot Miss Bliss Couture 2010, 32. sofia 4, 33. Sophia Harlow, 34. lady hollow on the docks, 35. Deja Vu Int.-July 2009 (PXL- Jude), 36. Untitled

My creation
5. 1. Pnath (2), 2. sysy-sayuriskin, 3. Tamsin @ Seven, 4. vampire4, 5. HEADSHOT PIC, 6. Tiago profile, 7. Tricky Boucher, 8. Mademoiselle, 9. Art of Conflict, 10. Voshie Profile, 11. Reap The Wild Wind, 12. Raw SL, 13. Addi on hill, 14. January 2010, 15. It's Me!, 16. November 2010 wee, 17. double rainbow omg, 18. Aldwyn Zanzibar, 19. Snapshot_175, 20. Quiet Time Among The Flowers, 21. Ponder, 22. My mood 18, 23. test 2, 24. "Lucy Retro Dress", 25. Alabamaaaaaaa, 26. DAMN YOU LUXE D:<, 27. Bells Semyorka, 28. just me, 29. thenaa, 30. Bren Bretts, 31. Bronson Twine, 32. 1oct10_004, 33. Chalice In Wonderland Blog, 34. vacuul_002, 35. Batty Catty, and Bob, 36. Orage Yamil gold

My creation

6. 1. Gray, Gray, Gray is everything I have, 2. 3rd RezDay, 3. CheerNo Profile., 4. Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Casuals 1, 5. Boo, 6. Boudoir Rouge, 7. 20100718 RLF with Cole, 8. I got Tagged!, 9. Bliss Couture Hair, Cecilia, 10. Another one of those nights., 11. lolli2, 12. Paparazzis!, 13. It's a shoreline, 14. Hollywood, 15. En Casa, 16. Sn@tch Poster - Desiree Debruyere 1, 17. Di <3, 18. Dimitri Shinn Face, 19. Divos Mechanic 2, 20. ohmai_gabriel, 21. pmg_9-30-08_13, 22. Steelhead 3, 23. Hosho Self Portrait, 24. Diarmuid Miklos - Self Portrait, 25. Emotions, 26. oh deer, 27. Shootin' The Shit, 28. 50L Friday at Surf Co.!, 29. SAD-Holly Daze , 30. Armidi Final Sale, 31. Father Lucifer - 2, 32. 101310-2, 33. Foxy - L.Fauna Skin, 34. Snapshot_002, 35. Song of Valor, 36. Quack.

My creation

7.1. Plasmid Eyes: Gift at the New Shop, 2. noh8, 3. Bouffant Belle, 4. Honour McMillan of Aintree Gardens, 5. October_fog2, 6. profile2, 7. Isabeal Jupiter, 8. Isle Fish SM Blog, 9. showyourstyle-21-02, 10. Bubbling Forth by Night, 11. Lovin *elymode*, 12. Jesca in the flowers3, 13. FaeInSpaaace_006, 14. NO HATE, 15. Honeybunny, 16. Justice, 17. at Garden of Ku, 18. Favorite Outfit of the Moment, 19. 'Project Charibdis', 20. Hearing Damage, 21. Everybody's changing and I don't know why., 22. Katey & Kaz, 23. New Renaissance Man, 24. polaroidkess, 25. Look Of The Day [Dec.13/09] 2, 26. Khali Laguna, 27. Friday Must Haves!, 28. MAD Agency Portrait, 29. Kitty SEXYFACE Lalonde, 30. Profile Picture <3, 31. Luna Jubilee's Blogger Challenge-52 weeks of colour, week 1- GREY, 32. Late for 50L Friday, 33. Lauryn The Explorer, 34. Chillin, 35. Up to no good, 36. XenaMakeup2

My creation

8. 1. Illuminate, 2. Swansong: Zaara Vayu, 3. olivia connaught, 4. Pink Shirt from Bellies, 5. Gabriel1, 6. MAD Agency Portrait, 7. Just One Wish, 8. Im with the band bone., 9. snowball fight_001 - altered, 10. Marx Dudek, 11. "Northern Lights" Skin, 12. Bare, 13. Soon in store: .:MINA:. Suzan - Vanilla, 14. Simply ................. me, 15. Strawberry Girl (close), 16. 8.28_003, 17. Day of the Dead, 18. At Rouge, 19. Me!, 20. Carnation, Lily, Rose - Marvelous_001, 21. Nikki, 22. Terri, 23. Power, 24. opsquee challenge, 25. The Sourceress, 26. New Years Portrait, 27. Laying Phire hidden boobies, 28. The mysterious Mr. Larsson., 29. Christmas Coiffure,Plus More..., 30. Day 10 of 365, 31. hair lust, 32. TOSL *Ranunculus Cardigan* v2.4, 33. Free Elf, 34. Rogan Diesel, 35. Little Miss Veil, 36. New Profile Pic

My creation

9.1. Sn@tch Poster - Safeer Glendevon, 2. Beloved by ~silent sparrow~, 3. PMG Cafe Party August 18 2009 Runestar, Sabriel, Kavik, 4. Flower Power?, 5. To The Birds., 6. 181, 7. 222443327, 8. Snapshot_016, 9. Wild is the Wind, 10. The Chrysalis, 11. Toost23_001bbb, 12. Hair Fair, 13. GM Nikolaidis-Spork_Malt Sim Opening (3), 14. Silk Blindfold, 15. Snapshot_002, 16. Suti Cums On Faces - Pt 2, 17. Swirly and Friend, 18. Snapshot_005, 19. Sylar Boyd, Keeping the Peace, 20. J's Bewts, 21. Fields, 22. September '10 mugshot, 23. Trace Osterham, 24. I thought she'd be here by now..., 25. Tillie 01 - Photographer and model, 26. Cooling Down, 27. black and white, 28. Tymmerie and Booth, 29. Snapshot_156, 30. Free Tequila, 31. bird girl_006, 32. Ghost, 33. Scarlot, 34. It's All in the Ears., 35. Profile Pic: Twiggy Whippet, 36. Fang

Love, Winter.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prince of Sands

Yes; incredibly well made RP clothes for men. They do exist. Many thanks go to Vasean Talamasca for dragging me to Zaige Lumiere, a brand new label over a year in the making from an old time player. Every prim is perfectly placed, each texture is unique, there's a broad range of colours available for each outfit, and each ensemble comes with a shit ton of options inside the box. It took me as long to decide what configuration I was going to wear them in as this post did to shoot.

Zaige Lumiere 1
"Lust" in Blue

Zaige Lumiere 2
"Wrath" in Black

There's a great selection of complete ensembles - including boots - for Masters, Kajiru and even a few barely there outfits for the Seelie folk. I bypassed the silks because I decided that you have all seen enough of my buttcrack for the moment. Cherish these moments of thoughtfulness guys; I don't have them often.

Also shown - Skin is Belleza Shawn Tan 5, Hair is Maitreya Green II in Chocolate for the top pic, Maitreya Bo in Chocolate for the second. Weapons are all from Azora.

Shot at Kingdom of Sand.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing But Net

Because I love tattoo layers with the passion of a thousand rockets fired directly into the heart of the sun.


And no matter what I do, I can't enable shadows in SL. Do you realise how embarrassing that is for a vampire? That's supposed to be our prime skulking territory.


And also because I finally scrambled my way back here to my blog after computer problems, graphics problems and just generally a lack of blogging mojo. Yes; I know everyone has already done this hair, and then moved on to the new Clawtooth. Yet here I am today - and not wearing it in white - showing it with these perfect leather pants.


I know. I don't do anything when, or as I'm supposed to. But didn't you miss that just a little?


What I'm Wearing

Hair - Glass Candy in Ink by Lamb
Skin - Thomas in 0-E by Belleza
Tattoo - Obscure by *DG*
Eyes - Glitter in Red by ::hsh::
Chest Jewellery - Gothic Nipple Piercing by Nasty Doll. And... umm... ouch.
Rings - Gemma in Ring/Nail3 Male by Rozoregalia
Bracelets - Gemma by Rozoregalia - Free for the MHOH4 Hunt
Belt and Pants - Chaos Leather in Red by The Abyss - currently at Call For Couture
Boots - Alpha in Black by Arcavim. Yeah, stupidly didn't get any pics of these in. But see them here, they rock.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've Got Wood

This is the amazing Arboreal Skin from Fallen Gods.


The best part is that it's free until the 30th of September if you can find your 100% match on the Fortune Teller. You get both male and female versions as your gift. Make sure you take a bunch of friends, it's so very worth it.

Hair - Savage in Geode by Exile
Taken at the new Wasabi Pills sim, Neverwhere.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's My Blog And I Suck At Doing What I'm Supposed To On It..

..and so this isn't a fashion post at all. This is so I can show you how amazingly talented my friend Monica Outlander of Miamai is.


"Winter" - a digital painting taken from an inworld snapshot. Of one completely stunned vampire fanboi.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Purple Is A Fruit

Tattoo layer hairbases are completely awesome. Especially now that a few enlightened creators are making them in white. I wear mohawks a lot, in case you've never seen my blog before. And a lot of times I like to mainstream these up a bit and go fauxhawk by softening the look with a white base.

Then there's days when I just want to admire the light bouncing off my pale skull.


I'm also still utterly in love with this Josh teeth skin by Kento. I now also own so many different colour change options of the Gos Docs that I'm in danger of bringing down every sim I port into.



Hair - Deathhawk by House of Munster - not finding a current inworld location, sorry.
Skin - Josh in Pure by Kento
Guyliner - Makeup in 11 for Viewer 2 by Garage
Eyes - Perple (sic) Glow by ::hsh::
Shrug Thingy - Mesh Shirt <<00t10011>> by Roots
Undershirt - Wifebeater in White by Zaara (tinted)
Shorts - Bermuda Shorts in Leather by BC322
Gloves - Victor in Silver by YV
Socks - Socks Mit Suspenders in Black by Pig
Shoes - Docs in Pewter by Gos

Also, at some point Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks must have sent me over some poses - eeep, sorry mate.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crouching Tiger, Posing Vampire

I've been lacking inspiration to blog recently; not counting the uberquick skin splooge before this entry I haven't been "feeling it" for weeks. I've hella been busy with some magazine and modelling projects; but every time I opened up this blogpage it was just a case of us staring at each other blankly. Till two things happened; the Zhang Yimou wuxia movie Hero was on TV the other night, and the next day I came across Ocean Blackthorne's Flickr stream.

I can't come anywhere near this guy's general amazingness but I took inspiration from his work, the fact that Bare Rose turns 5 this weekend - Congratulations June, Tori and your team! - and the katanas that I bought recently and haven't yet had a chance to blood. So this is my spin on the wuxia zeitgeist.




Shot at the Hatsumomo Castle

Headpiece - Japanese Hair Decoration by Noni Noel
Hair - Jadar in Diamond by Wasabi Pills - go check out the new sim, it's beautiful
Skin - Zwei Star by Lantern Evolution
Eyes - Perple (sic) Glow by ::hsh::
Armour - Scorn in Black Leather by Eclipse Development
Tattoos - Kanji Krazy by Huz Tatts
Kimono - Otoko Oiran in Black by Bare Rose
Swords - Uesugi Daisho Katana and Wakizashi by Elke Wylie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is how you may see me dressed, maybe in over a thousand years time when I'm a very old vampire.


I'll still be able to pull the chicks like this though, right? Just because I may have to get them to open their own veins for me...

Granpa 2

Or rather - I found this skin "Accursed Experience" by Pulse in the depths of my skinbins as I was sorting inventory - quelle horreur! - and decided to throw something together around it. Scarily, I already had all these items. I couldn't pull the pants up to just under my armpits, so it's not as realistic as it should be.


Oh, who am I kidding. We all know that I'm going to be rocking a combover, and still attempting to stuff my drooping tackle into the tightest leather pants I can worm my way into.... buying drinks and smiling hopefully and desperately at all the eighteen year olds at the nightclubs.

Stake me before I get that pathetic, please.

Wearing -

Hat - Houndstooth Fedora by Akeyo
Skin - Accursed Experience by Pulse
Glasses - Fifty by primOptic
Eyes - Expressive Eyes Blue 2 by Unique Megastore
Scarf - Wide Scarf by Mr Poet - you need this, and it's free.
Shirt - Turtleneck in Cream by Boom
Cardigan - Long Knit Gown by Kiitos
Pants - Houndstooth Green by Meriken
Shoes - Leather Loafers by HoC
Cane - Gentleman's Walking Stick by Adjunct

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Arlene flashed the stranger a dazzlingly flirtatious smile as he settled in front of her, noticing the way he arranged his jacket carefully as he sat on the stool at Merlotte's Bar and Grill. "Time to hoik up the girls a bit more, Ah think ah could get some good tips out of this one" she thought as she put down the pickle jar. The smile dropped off her face rapidly as he returned her friendly grin with a mouth that looked as if it had been torn out of a Great White. He nodded, and pushed the snow white fringe out of his eyes as he pointed at the display behind the bar "I'd love a bottle of B neg please, pretty lady." Arlene was stuck halfway between a scowl and a simper at the sound of his accent - English, she thought? - and covered her annoyance at being flustered by humphing her way over to the microwave, then slamming the door shut on the bottle of Trublood. The Australian vampire chuckled quietly to himself as she stalked her way into the kitchen as the microwave pinged. He listened to her ranting about "One more o' them dirty bloodsuckers to deal with!" as a large dark man in full makeup leant over the countertop and assessed him. LaFayette slowly scanned the foreign vampire up and down and mentally added up the cost of his fashionable clothing. He then murmured with audible hunger in his voice "Mhmmm baby...." and licked his lips - which caused the stranger at the bar who was afraid of nothing except angry husbands and synthetic fabrics to widen his pale blue eyes in alarm.

After the bottle had been slopped begrudgingly onto a coaster in front of him, the Lord Winter Jefferson took a tentative sip - he'd heard so much about it from his kind who had travelled to lands where vampires were attempting to join the mainstream. He instantly turned ashen , then reached out desperately for an empty glass - bottle- anything to discreetly spit the liquid abomination into. "Oh sweet Jesus - what the blue fuck IS that? It's worse than decaf!" The young waitress that was wandering around stopped by him and patted him on the back in sympathy as he dry retched. He straightened up with a groan that turned into a "Ohhhhhh fuuuuu - uhhh - hello there!" as he noticed how attractive she was, despite the gap between her front teeth. She blinked at him prettily yet blankly then launched off on some long excited babble about some guy named Beeeeelll.... which the vampire half heard before his eyes started glazing over. There's several ways to make a woman stop talking, but Winter prefers the one method- and he dipped the blonde back and silenced her with a deep kiss, in the back of his mind vaguely noticing that she tasted like pecan pie. The waitress struggled against him squawking at first but soon melted into his arms, wrapping her tongue around his fangs and running her hand down to fondle his ass with a passion that surprised him.

In the corner of his eye he noticed a dark blur and heard a roar of "Sookeh is MIIIIIINE!" as he was slammed across the room, smashing into the mirror behind the bar. Winter picked himself up and turned to face his attacker with a vicious snarl, eyes flaring red - he had been taken by surprise, but that momentary weakness was now gone. He roared as he threw the other vampire up against the wall with lightning speed, splinters of brick showering the frightened humans in the bar. (Who still seem to be not used to this sort of thing, which is kinda bizarre when you think about what's happened in this town over the last two years...) Winter held the other vampire by his jaw, and snarled into his face with gritted fangs "I don't care what you think is yours. They don't call me a spoiled brat for nothing... if I decide I like it, then it's MINE. Understand?" Bill growled something incoherent involving the words sheriff and bloodright, but he choked it off with bulging eyes as the Elder vampire tightened his grip – this time using his other hand on his testes. Winter leaned in close, and added in a conversational tone "By the way.... sideburns? Still? Bitch, please." He dropped Compton, slung the tittering Sookie over his shoulder and strolled casually out the bar, pausing only to kick the dog that had suddenly appeared snarling at him, punting it clear across the car park.

The hush in Merlotte's turned into a disturbed murmuring as the barflies crawled out from under the tables they had all dived under. One by one they all turned to look at Bill who was still on his knees whimpering and clutching his groin, none offering to help him up. “Sookeh....” A good twenty minutes passed then the door slammed back open and Lord Winter walked back through, dragging the pouting waitress with him. “Frankly, mate – no idea what you see in her. She never shuts up, she doesn't listen and people drop dead like flies around her. She also kept going on about trying to read my mind but not seeing anything but Lady Gaga videos played on repeat. She's all yours – enjoy, Bill Compton.” Winter shook his head in disgust and sauntered back out again grumbling about all the fangbangers expecting to be paid in this town. He checked that he still had the body glitter that he'd saved from his last rave, and started his Ducati on the road to Forks, WA. That way he could take advantage of all the screaming sixteen year olds and their mothers that he'd ever want.


Yeah, so a kinda pisstake fanfic, not a fashion post. I was bored at work, what can I say? Except Trueblood and all it's characters are property of HBO etc etc.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Post Just To Celebrate

...the fact that I changed my template, and can post really really big pictures on here now.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

For The Fallen

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

My LOTD, April the 6th.



Pose - credits to Dismorph "Convex, Concave"
Posesphere - credits to Marxisphere by Marx Dudek.
Tint on the Posesphere - 00000 Black, hand tinted by Winter Jefferson.
Sim Taken On - credits to Glookbone, parcel owned by Cajsa Lillehook.
Avatar - credits to Second Life owned by Linden Labs.
Prim Hair - credit to Dernier Cri
Shirt - credit to Gabriel
Eyes - credit to Fusemelon
Necklace - credit to M.R.M Raymaker
Tank - credit to Zaara
Pants - credit to Armidi
Skin - credit to Belleza
Shoes (not seen) - credit to Kalnins
Fangs - credit to the bastard that jumped me 248 years ago.
Penis (not seen) - credit to Realasm
Prescence of Prim Hair - credit to Washu Zebrastripe for making this possible
Prescence of Prim Shoes - credit to Stiletto Moody... apparently
Avatar's Vampire Theme - credits to Bram Stoker.
Man behind the Avatar - credits to Mum and Dad.
Avatar photographed in Second Life - credits to Philip Rosedale and Linden Labs
Emerald Viewer Used - credits to Jessica Lyon and LordGregggg
Personal Computer - credits to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for keeping computers affordable by competition.
The Internet - credits to Tim Berners-Lee and Al Gore, on behalf of DARPA.
Online Status - credits to the power generated by dinosaurs and other critters that make oil.
Ability to access the internet - credit to Iinet, and Optus for the phone .
Fossil Fuels - credits to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Zombie Jesus.

Pissed off look - credit to plurk/blogger drama. As per usual.

For extra credit - Ashia's blogpost on the same topic.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Isn't Easy

So it's been a while since I blogged, and even LONGER since it's been an LOTD. I don't think I've managed one this year actually - being dead busy I've been vacillating between business wear and cyber couture. And if you don't know why then get the hell off my page now. It's also been a lack of inspiration - not because of the wonderful creators of SL of course, but I've been lacking that spark.

Until today.

It Isnt Easy1

Several weeks ago I joking begged on plurk for someone to make Lady GaGa's Kermit Jacket that she wore for a interview on German TV. I actually ordered Milla Michinaga of MichaMi to get onto it, but it seems as if Ash's Trash beat her to it. All the more reason I love Fashcon spam; there's some amazing treasures buried in amongst the rubble. Ashleey claims to have all the Britneywear that anyone could want; but I went after the notice said that she had six GaGa outfits all at 1l. No, I'm not a tragic. And you can tell this by reading my poker face.

It Isnt Easy3

A system jacket comes with; but I'm just covering my Belleza Thomas skin - barely - with Rotten Toe's tintable Cinema Strange shirt and gloves. Pants took me a while, I shuffled through a hell of a lot of my inventory... which is why this is getting posted 3 hours later than I intended... and it eventually regurgitated the Miamai Cydonia Pants. Yes, they are for girls. Does any of this post look like the height of masculinity to you?

It Isnt Easy4

Okay, so the HoC Chucks pass muster on the XY front. I can't say enough good things about this store - they turn out top quality shoes at under 100l with multiple colour options, and that's mad good value. I'm also working on replacing all my Exile hair one by one - Kavar has brought out new textures and they are SO GOOD. This is my fave Akio, I have problems taking this off. You can see the depth in his shading now, hell you can almost count each individual strand.

It Isnt Easy2

All it took to finish this off was the charmingly Engrish named Flog Ring from Love Soul; I've had this thing for almost two years now. And to try restrain myself from finishing up with that joke about what's green and smells like pork...?

Huh, looks like I didn't restrain myself that well after all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

'Ili Hana no'eau


In my regular stalking of the prettiest ladi - uhhh.. I mean, as I catch up on the well written and photographed blogs of the day I usually stop by Ashia Tomsen's site, Inventory Episode. This week I was horrified to see that she had been holding out on me - fantasy skins! And really, really good ones! The store is Terra's Bodyart and it holds an array of seamless wonders. From the sim name - Waitangi - and this beautiful polynesian/maori skin, I'm guessing she has an Islander background. I'm not doing so great with the words today, so I'll just throw a few pictures at you. This skin named Tribal comes in just this shade for the guys, but three for the ladies.


Another thing she's mastered is incredibly sexy cyborg skins. To my dismay they are currently only in female versions, so I dragged over my best friend and co-writer on this blog Summer Deadlight, pointed at the vendor and told her that she needed to own it. Luckily she agreed, or I'd have had to find a way to slip it inside her inventory when she wasn't looking.

Gold Goddess

This style is the Gold Goddess, it also comes in silver and chrome. You get the skin, as well as the clothing layers in this super high resolution.

Gold Goddess1

I'm a sucker for tattoos, always have been - and I thought these Yakuza slash Carnivale skins were awesome. The women's version especially were great value, from what I saw you got around 10 different styles in the pack.


Be aware - there are no demos instore. But there isn't really any way you could wear something this... transformative and still expect to look like yourself. The prices ranged from 250 up to 600, so it's worth having these in your inventory for a day when you want to be a beautiful freak.


A quote from this shoot "Sumz, could you please put on some black nailpolish? We can't see where you end and I begin."


Yes, the colours really are this vibrant inworld, and they are all so genuinely seamless that they make Ashia "happy in her no-no place". My no-no place had to miss out though... you think I could possibly have found a way to tint it to match?

Portage to Terra's Bodyart

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Add Mire

So somehow I stumbled across a clothing store named "Mire - Gentlemans Apparel." I don't even know how I managed it in hindsight, perhaps one too many Bloody Marys (Hold The Mary) on New Years Eve. But this place was like a cavern of wonders, and by that I mean it had suits and tuxedos in many beautiful colours. I started shaking - more so - and sprayed around a great deal of my available cash. Less words, moar pictures eh?


This is Urbane In Green. It's so rakish, and the autumnal colours play off each other so well.


It was my favourite find at Mire, but I also loved this.


This was Monarch in Grey, and it's a really elegant cut with fang tails. Of course, that's kinda hard for me to go past.


The grey came with this turquoise waistcoat, but there are more for sale in terrific jewel tones and neutrals. One think I loved about the vest is that there are no corners cut; no rough edges at the sleeves as you so often see due to the mesh.

Then we had Magnate.


Yes this comes with the bowler, and a great deal of the swagger that you see in these pics was already in the box.


Of course a treasure like this doesn't come by too often, and so I had to port Achariya Maktoum over to come and drool as well. Her choice was the Tartan Suit in Brown.


Yes, her pics are on a black background whereas mine are grey. Why, you ask? What, you read this blog and expect consistancy and great production values? Still?


I took her shots and got to mine a day and a half later, and then realised my suits were too dark against a black background. And she'd logged off for the night - sorry Ach! Make it up to you next time, promise.

So a quick overview of Mire, and a promise that there is more in store. All these items are available in a great range of colours, so if you like the cuts but the shades are too out there for you don't be worried. They come in black as well.

And - I'm ONLY adding this bit because I was urged to by someone who knows my networking skills suck - and I'll get you back for this, my pretty - and your little Furry too... I'm in Round 3 of the New World Notes Hottest Male Avatars of 2009. She wants me to say that you need to vote for me. All I'm saying is just to be kind in the comments.

Additional items - Both Acha and Winter are wearing Den-Dou Eito skins, Boi Ach is in Maitreya hair with Shine eyes and I'm in Exile hair wearing eyes by Fusemelon.