Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introduction and Manifesto

Hello children - let me introduce myself to the class. I'm the Lord Winter Jefferson, vampire partyboy and general nuisance. I've been blogging for Rezzable for a few months now; but I've been persuaded to clutter up the feed with a broader example of my fashion train wrecks. So here I am in all my Undead glory, and with a word of caution. I don't have a whole lot of shame.

Amerie Blue

Here beginneth the lesson. The stereotype is that Vampires must be made of doom and gloom and emo red, black, black black and black. Skulking in the shadows, sulking in the shallows. It's my manifesto to bust that myth wide open. Not just the perception of mine own bloodsucking kin, but to urge everyone to play against type. Don't conform to expectations. Only - make sure you DO do it once in a while, then no one will be expecting it. Find your Second self. Work out who you are; settle upon your personal style, define the animus that is you. Discover and confirm your identity. Get comfortable inside that pixel sheath. Conform to all the established rules and guidelines of style, taste and formality. And then the very next day break all of this down and step out of that comfort zone. Hair grows back, and skin regenerates itself in a matter of seconds. A pill makes you big, a pill makes you small. Even an amputated leg can be fixed with the click of a button. This the beauty of SL. You can find the real you by stepping outside of it.

Amerie Purple

This blog is going to be whatever I feel like doing on the day; learn to live with that. Some days it's going to be an LOTD, others an education on events/items in fashion, occasionally a showcase of stores I discover and spend all over and sometimes it's just going to be showing off cool shit I found that week. Don't ever be scared to comment, as I am a fully fledged attention hor. And feel free to disagree or critique, I shouldn't go TOO Keyser Soze all over your ass. And yes, I'm also quite aware that my photos suck, thank you for pointing that out.

Amerie's Red

Just as a pingback to what I was referring to - one person who seems to realise that vamps just wanna have fun is Amerie of Amerie's Naughty. Can you believe this coat? The "Vampire Jacket." Tartan, feathers and chains. I know it wasn't actually created for me... but it may as well have been. And a man can dream.

I'd say - here
endeth the lesson. But the best thing about it is that nothing ever truly ends. Not in this realm. SL is best enjoyed with open eyes, mind and heart. It's constantly evolving. My best advice to offer here is sit down. Strap yourself in. Hold on tight. And when you puke, try get it all over the person behind you. Odds are it will accessorise nicely with what they have on anyways.



  1. I LOVE IT!
    I'm a girl but I am so going to buy it! :P

  2. Gratz on a fabulous, funny first post Winter! that plaid coat is a so must have. ^:^

    Grady Echegaray (Strange Pixels)

  3. Yay Winter!!! Great first post. I love that jacket and want to get the girls version as soon as I can ^_^

  4. You did it! :D I'm so proud of you.

  5. Awesome first post dear Winter but to be expected coming from you. We expect only the best ;-) Like all the girls above, I want this jacket too and I can almost count on shopping a bit more because of your posts (and you do make that tartan lovely jacket look smexy btw!). That hand stand with the cheesy smile, you always do, does make me laugh...stop that!

  6. HEY!

    I saw this post first, then directed Cher to take a peak!

    I'm supose to be on here first!

    Cat fights already over your blog


  7. *wonders where the pink version is*!!

  8. well done hunni, great first post

  9. Congrats on the new blog Lord Winter and a great first post too... nothing I wouldn't expect from someone with my name *winks

  10. @Mavi - you look stunning in anything. Just don't look better than me in it, okay?

    @Grady - coming from one whose work I admire so much? Thank you. Fine praise indeed. Here, have a latte.

    @Sakura - I think between the two of us we've paid for Amerie's next holiday.

    @Dove - Chicken... couldn't have done it without you. *chomp*

    @Relle and Lena - I can't think of many things better tham having sisters fight over me. Don't stop.

    @Ashia - Trust me... I thought about requesting one...

    @Hs3.HURgy5rYsx5O4oZFFVJZfFFrfy8 - Ha! Thank you Noodle. Can't wait for yours!

    @Winter - Thank you, Lady of the Snows. Let's see how fast we can make the temperature drop in here.

    Thank you all for reading. There will be punch and pie served in the room to yourleft.

  11. Oooh... that's mine.
    And I might even get one for my boi-alt.

    Looks like a great start. Grats on the blog!

  12. Oh holy sweet mother of megatron.

    *buries head in hands*

    youve had a complete mental breakdown, havent you?

    now ive seen insane: napoleans trying to invade the wreckroom, turd eaters eating their turds on plate with a fork and knife, ive even listened to someone try to convince me of the benefits of a plastic bonsai tree over a real one.

    but this, oi, this is the new standard bearer for the bat sh*t insane.



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