Thursday, January 7, 2010

Add Mire

So somehow I stumbled across a clothing store named "Mire - Gentlemans Apparel." I don't even know how I managed it in hindsight, perhaps one too many Bloody Marys (Hold The Mary) on New Years Eve. But this place was like a cavern of wonders, and by that I mean it had suits and tuxedos in many beautiful colours. I started shaking - more so - and sprayed around a great deal of my available cash. Less words, moar pictures eh?


This is Urbane In Green. It's so rakish, and the autumnal colours play off each other so well.


It was my favourite find at Mire, but I also loved this.


This was Monarch in Grey, and it's a really elegant cut with fang tails. Of course, that's kinda hard for me to go past.


The grey came with this turquoise waistcoat, but there are more for sale in terrific jewel tones and neutrals. One think I loved about the vest is that there are no corners cut; no rough edges at the sleeves as you so often see due to the mesh.

Then we had Magnate.


Yes this comes with the bowler, and a great deal of the swagger that you see in these pics was already in the box.


Of course a treasure like this doesn't come by too often, and so I had to port Achariya Maktoum over to come and drool as well. Her choice was the Tartan Suit in Brown.


Yes, her pics are on a black background whereas mine are grey. Why, you ask? What, you read this blog and expect consistancy and great production values? Still?


I took her shots and got to mine a day and a half later, and then realised my suits were too dark against a black background. And she'd logged off for the night - sorry Ach! Make it up to you next time, promise.

So a quick overview of Mire, and a promise that there is more in store. All these items are available in a great range of colours, so if you like the cuts but the shades are too out there for you don't be worried. They come in black as well.

And - I'm ONLY adding this bit because I was urged to by someone who knows my networking skills suck - and I'll get you back for this, my pretty - and your little Furry too... I'm in Round 3 of the New World Notes Hottest Male Avatars of 2009. She wants me to say that you need to vote for me. All I'm saying is just to be kind in the comments.

Additional items - Both Acha and Winter are wearing Den-Dou Eito skins, Boi Ach is in Maitreya hair with Shine eyes and I'm in Exile hair wearing eyes by Fusemelon.