Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm sorry, Zaara...

Elusyve and I were talking clothes - well... is there anything else to talk about? Oh, how rude - she's Canadian. Sorry. I'll start again.

Elusyve and I were talking aboot clothes when the subject of the new Zaara pashminas came up. All the girls had been sighing about how lovely they are, and I was raving about the beauty of the textures alone. I said to Elu that it was a shame I couldn't wear one. Her reply? "I bet you could."


So this is my first plain old "LOTD" post. Let's see if I can remember where all this is from.

Zaara Pashmina 2

I knew the key to being able to wear this beautiful shimmering scarf, the "Berry Blue" was to keep the shirt simple, yet echo the colour in my accessories, and match the blue trim with my pants. So I hauled out my wonderful Casa Del Shai jeans - made all the more wonderful because they were free. I also tinted my thankfully mod Richmond shirt from Badkatz a shade of cream rather than it's standard blinding white. I have enough lighting issues because of my hair, thank you very much. Shoes had me stumped at first until I remembered the Crimson Dublins that I bought from Jeepers Creepers two weeks ago and then tossed into the corner with a snarl because they didn't match my kilt. So they were allowed to live. This time. Strapping on my ubiquitous wrist cuffs, this time the ones that I bought in a 50% off fatpack at the FNKY! sale and still winced at the price.

So thar ye have it. I didn't have to upsize that poor pashmina too much, and it still retains all of it's original detail. Or I'd have buried the poor thing unannounced at sea. I'm sure Zaara will cry as is when she's sees her creation draped around a boy's shoulders...



  1. Awwwwww.. you so purdy.. <3

  2. *dies from the cuteness*
    I have no idea how the hell you do it, but there's seemingly nothing that you don't look good in, or indeed out of

  3. That looks awesome on you! >_> damn it, you are going to make me go buy something again aren't you?

  4. oh! you did great! I love the way you worked the colors.

  5. hahaha! :P
    well u make it look way better than i could on my male shape :P

  6. heheh, you know damn well you can wear the hell out of anything, sir.

  7. *snaps* pwnd it dood.. now come dress me!

  8. you indeed pull it off with charm!
    *stares for a couple minutes*


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