Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ravens Misbehavin'

Crow 4

Yeah, I know I know- the feeds are super saturated with the Designers United goodies at the moment. But I'm chipping in for two reasons. Firstly, the only other guy that I've seen take a stab at it is Dakota. And secondly, I have a very special reason to love everything to do with ravens. And that reason was beating me on the back of my head with her fairy wand when she saw the other crow items on the feeds, demanding that I go get some "wavenburdy" things myself. That's pretty hard to argue with, especially when I didn't really want to.

Crow 1

There were a few unisex items, and I grabbed those happily. These horn... head... ear... "thingys" called My Tree of Crows by Milk Motion were on the must have list. Spooky trees that emit tiny crows that wheel and whirl about your face. For most people this would be annoying, but for an Aussie constantly brushing black things away from your face is a sweet taste of home. I also yoinked the Feathered Mask from Glow Studio, setting it over the top of my Den Dou Saburo skin. I could not look more typically vampire emo if I tried.

Crow 3

But try I did with this pose from [LAP] and the Feathered Backpack by Chabinn, a design house I had never heard of until now. I loved this, and I actually felt bad only paying the measley 30l that the creator was charging for all four sizes. As soon as you strap this on your arms get flung out wide to match the wingspan, indulging both Icarus fantasies and putting "I Believe I Can Fly" in your head for a good hour. And that's only after you've finished humming that damn song about heroes and wind that I won't admit to knowing any of the words to.

Crow 2

There were male tattoos at the event as well, but I reluctantly walked past those as my inventory is saturated with more skin ink than I ever really get a chance to wear. There was one other overtly masculine item that stood out though, the Mr Crowe suit from Balaclava. And luckily it's really, really good. The jacket is a well textured suede with dark metal button detail. And it features a fairly dramatic high knitted collar, which I know that I'll also be able to put to good use mashing with other outfits. One of the things that I'm eternally searching for here is well made black dress pants, and these are amongst the better ones I've found. They aren't so dark that the grain of the fabric gets lost, yet black enough so I can wear them with almost anything up top. I'd pay more for either the jacket or the pants alone than I paid for this whole ensemble. Very nice, Mr Balaclava person. Make more things like this soon, please. It also comes with three sizes of top hat, but I wanted to have twigs sticking out of my skull for this blog.

The inaugural Designers United event of Jellyfish just wasn't to my taste - I like my jelly with girls pulling each other's hair in it - but the Crow theme was a terrific idea with a wider appeal, and it was really interesting to see the scope that could be attained within this concept. So feathers may make your ARC skyrocket to unimaginable levels, but as long as you aren't planning on waltzing around Hair Fair or something like that, it's totally worth it. It took something like this to get me off my arse and blog again after two months off. Designers of SL take note, please. Winter has a very short attention span, and needs the pretties.

Hair is a girly updo from D!VA that I'm trying to kid myself I still look badass in.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Winter's Tale


I arise, having lost all chance of redemption
My soul made forfeit by my choice to return
I walk amongst the warm only by the light of stars.
My hunger. Is now thirst.
From once beloved human child
I have become nightmare.

Through milennia I pass unchanged
Watching all men fall beneath the scythe of time
Razor edged winds howl within my hollow core.
I reach out. But only to take.
Desolation now my truest companion
hand in eternal hand we stride.

I stand as Lord but pariah
An exile from even these souls that be damned.
Cast out for my joyous embrace of this age
I alone evolve. And therefore are feared.
Refusing to kneel to ancient laws and hatreds
Unbound to impose my vision upon this world.

Let the other vampires be formed of darkness, magma and brutality.

I am sleet.
I am the bone death.
I am the blinding light.

I am the season that heralds all that there will be when this world ends.

I am Winter.