Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gaga Gala

Okay - if you've ever even looked at my blog, my flickr, my plurkline or even just said hello to me in passing; you'll know one thing.

I love Lady Gaga.

Oh yes - I really am that mainstream and I'm completely unashamed of it. I've never pretended to be cool, just... cold.

I have a problem though. I'm finally getting to see her in concert this Saturday night - omg omg omg - and it hit me hard the other day. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR? It's easy for me as Winter - he has flaming bras, polar bear coats and kermit jackets up the ying yang -  but not so much for the poor bastard whose head he has taken over. I have been seriously eyeing off everything in the house and office this week wondering if there's any way I could turn it into couture. My cat just doesn't feel safe any more.

Luckily... I can just get on my baddest Monster self right here. 

Gaga Blog 2

I've willfully and somewhat guiltily deconstructed the Cascade dress from Epoque that was only available at the Blur installation two years ago, and edited what's left of it to match my glasses from Chic Zafari. Obviously you can no longer buy this item - sorry! - but the Warrior hair that I'm wearing also from Epoque is part of the current sale, all hairs half price.

Gaga Blog 3

On my bottom half it's all Ladies Who Lunch. Faint Paulse also gets it, and I'm wearing her mesh Laurella pants and Troopa boots. Finishing up my Little Monster Mash I'm in Damon skin from Tableau Vivant, Poker gloves from CheerNo, lipstick from Sorry.Asia and the Famous Lady ring from LaGyo.

Gaga Blog 1

Actually after posting this I may have some inspiration after all. Time to raid the kid's lego box!