Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alone In A World That's So Cold

Prince Blog Header it was just one more of those mornings where you put on new hair and think "Oh god I look like Prince AGAIN today."

Prince Blog 2

Surely I can't be the only one this happens to?

Prince Blog 1

I finally managed to break my month long crash-every-single-effing-time-I-take-a-photo hoodoo which is partially to blame for the fact that my blog turnaround is something like three weeks between posts now. Thank heavens for alts with almost zero inventory, eh?

Prince Blog 3


What The Artist Formerly Known As Winter Is Wearing.

Hair - Folie d'Ete in Noir by Vanity Hair
Skin - Shawn in Deep Tan 9-E by Belleza
Eyes - Black in Small by Fashism
Jacket - Spleen in Purple by Miamai
Ring - Archelon in Style 2 by Mandala
Gloves - Poker Gloves in Black by CheerNo
Pants - Satin Latex Pants in Purple by SN@TCH
Shoes - Gothic Platforms in Croc & Steel by LaPointe and Bastchild
Tears (not seen) - Provided by Dove Swanson