Sunday, August 25, 2013


...because in the year 2713, I'll still be around. Sure, I'll be wearing enough face spackle to regrout the Sistine Chapel; and I'll likely have grown so much more taller and emaciated that I won't dare stand still for more than 5 minutes in a strip club...


... but I will ALWAYS be the guy wearing the sharpest suit.


What Winter Is Wearing

Hair - Codie in Chromium by Discord - available at The 24 event but only for one week
Suit - The 24 Exclusive by Xiaj - also at The 24, see above for time sensitivity.
Skin - Nathan by Tableau Vivant
Makeup - Liquid Shadows by Kooqla
Hairbase - Style 04 in Winter by Miamai
Teeth - OpenMouth Add On by PXL
Gloves - Dexter in Void by FATEwear
Shoes - Spiked Platform Sneakers by Cult of Belgar

This blogpost was made possible by Tymmerie Thorne - thank you for your generosity!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I've been drifting around in this outfit or a while (ever since the recent makeup fair, as you'll guess when you look closely)  frightening small children, furry animals and anyone with the faintest modicum of good taste. I know that in theory fuschia and orange are so very wrong together, but it totally pushes my buttons.

I refuse to accept liability for any eyes that may be gouged out upon viewing this post.

OH YEAH and Eid Mubarak to my friends! Hope I don't put you off your feasting. #YOSLO



What Winter Is Wearing Whether You Like It Or Not

Hair - Abel by Monster
Skin - Nathan by Tableau Vivant
Eyes - Tropical Brights by Insufferable Dastard
Makeups - Halftone by Nuuna, Two Moods by [TAXI TAXI], Fake Painted Eyebrows by Essences, Ultra Eyeliner by Sopherian, Couture Mesh Eyeliner by Glam Affair
Suit - Rayon Suit by Cashmere & Keane
Shirt - Oxford by Schadenfreude
Gloves - Soft Leather by Mentine
Ring - Endless Heaven by Chop Zuey