Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jedi Couture

Spellbound Header

Most of you probably know that I'm the marketing guy for Miamai by now, right? I always try to keep that work - which is barely work because I LOVE IT - off my own blog as I like to think that I provide an unbiased view of menstuff that I consider to be awesome. Consider this a disclaimer. But. I was the completely dumbstruck recipient of a BOSL Awards nomination for "Best New Model" (which Rissa Friller deservedly won) and you can't rock up at something like that in off the rack, can you? So I asked Monica (okay whined at her incessantly) if she could make something epic for us to wear to the event, and I told her about my love for the creations of Haider Ackermann. He's a Belgian designer that is simply the master of drapery, and I heart his work so hard. Moni had a look and took her own special view of his style and turned it into something that had me weak at the knees.


She knows just what I love, and so she sprinkled it liberally with high fashion spikes, sparkly black diamonds and a Gagaesque crown. Because me constantly wearing the last one she made pissed off Elusye so much.


It's going to be released in the Miamai store under the Black Label marque on the 30th of April - this weekend - and it's named Spellbound, so look out for it. I'm also in the Olja hair from LeLutKa and my beloved Brent skin from CheerNo.


The good news for the ladies is that Monica created a companion piece for herself to wear by my side, this is the breathtakingly daring Rapt.


She didn't know I was going to blog her, she thought I was just taking vendor shots. So be kind and everyone tell her how pretty she looks, please.


She is also wearing the Monica skin by Glam Affair that was named for her, and you can see almost all of it in these pics. This is also the new LeLutKa hair called SJ which is the one they released the other day that WASN'T the one on every second blog.

I promise this wasn't just one big ad for my boss, I freakin' LOVED these two designs and I would have blogged them no matter who made them, I swear. And just to finish this off I'm going to show you the emerging morphing talent of Strawberry Singh. She really wants you to ask her to make these kinds of pics, she does. Plus she threatened to kill me if I dared to post her backfired revenge.

Jefferson Dundee

Berry? That's not a stake. THIS is a stake!




  2. OMG OMG OMG.. I am dying.. I am laughing so hard I cannot breathe.. I am SO hiring Berry for her MORPH TALENTS (and i <8 moni's creations) /me stomps on your crown

  3. I'm irritated. Why me no got morph from Berry? :(


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