Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodness Gracious


Mild mannered blogger by day, this man has a dark secret. No, not the old vampire thing; another one. When his day's work is done at the office he becomes a total cliche and dresses up to fight crime. He morphs into the lethal, the intrepid, the amazingly well accessorised.....

F I R E C R O T C H !


Okay so I also tossed up the idea of "Butane Balls" and "Flame Tits" but you get the general idea. When Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch passed me her new items last week for the Little Big Shop Event (more on that in a bit) I did my usual thing of gibbering all over her in embarrassing fanboi glee and then wondered how the hell I was gonna make them work. It was going to take all my mad powers of styling - and yep that was it, that was the genesis of this look right there. The REAL fun part came in when I got to beat up Ronald McDonald for his shoes.


Seriously; do you have any idea of how hard it is to find a great sculpted cape in SL? I looked for a WEEK. And you may also notice with this entry that my pictures suck a little less than usual, that's because I'm now running a great new 2gig graphics card that made my computer quiver in fear when I waved the thing threateningly at it. So yay for shadows and a decent resolution FINALLY.


So to what I'm wearing.

The Combustible Brassiere - or in this case MANSSIERE - is also available in Monsoon and was created for the Little Big Shop event; this is a fundraising event to help provide water to people living in India and Africa where just one single dollar can give a child clean drinking water for an entire year. This TLBSE is also helping locally within SL; it's a programme where larger established stores can help mentor small new ones to develop their skills and networking/marketing knowledge. It opened on the 15th of April and runs right through to the 15th of May and its worth a visit if for no other reason than to admire the specially created artwork by some of SL's most creative minds.

Also Wearing!

Hair - Kaos in Nova Black by Vanity Hair
Glasses on Forehead - Goscan in Silver by GOS
Skin - Brent on Gold Base by CheerNo
Dark Makeup - MoMake2 by Monica Outlander of Miamai (Sorry this one is not for sale!)
Red Makeup - Cheek Stripes in Red by Nuuna's Skins
Bodysuit - BodyPOP in Yellow by CheerNo
Gloves and Legs - From the wondermous Spiral set by Gilded - thanks again Kras!
Boots - Margay in Yellow by Ordinary Design


Don't be scared, SAY IT.