Thursday, April 21, 2011



I haven't battled in SL for ages - might break a nail or something, yanno? There's no need to worry about my manlycure any more though. I have been slathering over this gauntlet and bracer set, the "Redemption : Hands Of Fate" by [TCR] on Marketplace for a while now. They are CCS Enhanced with extra melee attack points, a built in curse that slows your opponent and is very low lag in a fighting situation.

But most importantly....


They are simply beautiful.


I love that in SL there is no need to sacrifice form for function.


I've also been wanting to blog this C-001 Military Style Sci-Fi Suit by Vanilla C Designs for a while also, I'm loving all over the figure hugging suppleness of this leather. I've bought a few of Vanilla's gothic style suits and when she released this I was quite happily surprised. She sent me a notecard asking if I'd like a review copy, but I'd already bought it a week earlier. Can't get a more genuine endorsement than that, can you? It also comes in a femme version ladies, and it's just as hot. I'm also wearing a facial tattoo from White Widow named Sun, I was lucky enough to win a giftcard to the lovely Julie Hasting's wonderful store a couple of months ago and I walked out with almost the entire inventory.... and still wanted more.


I'm finishing off with mine most beloved Brent skin by CheerNo, Apocalypse X hair from _ZION_ and eyes named The Hunger - Satiated by Insufferable Dastard.

And satiated is something that I will never, ever be. Never stop pushing out the wearable art please, Creators of Second Life. There's still a lot of us out here that love you for it.

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