Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dress Me Up Strikes Back.

This is (hopefully) the last time I'm letting you lot mess with my pixels... unless you care to do it up close and personal, of course. And I thought I'd also rock each one of these outfits with some of the particles the delightful Rockerfaerie ColeMarie dropped on me over the week. I was unable to crash a sim with them the other day, let's see if I can take down my own blog with sheer glowtard fabulousness.
Ashia Tomsen said...

I'd like to see you in something from the Black Canary, accessories from Le Petite Prince or Sanu or possibly Giselle. And absolutely not a scrap of pink!


To my embarrassment I remembered that the lovely Aussie had tried to get me to go to The Black Canary once before, and I'd placed the LM on the pile with the best of intentions - and promptly forgot about it. You bided your time, didn't you? Remind me to never piss off an elf.

Canary Prince

So I sauntered into The Black Canary and was lucky enough to jag the W on the lucky chair. I was hoping I could get away with that, as the place purports to be unisex.. but the "Winter Dream" outfit was WAY too obviously a dress, and one of my New Year's resolutions will be to keep my drag activities down to just once or twice a year. Okay.... week. So I was quite pleased to see this one, the "Porcelain Princeling" as I could definitely see myself wearing that on the days that I pretend to be genteel. Following the junior royalty theme I dragged out my Le Petit Prince "Octopus Headset" with the accompanying spine and arm - some of my fave accessories which I don't get to show off often enough. And the brand new eXcess skin with which I was very disturbed to discover that neither the Man nor Boy options suited me... but the Hermaphrodite looked great. So all photos in this particular skin will be taken purely from the neck up.

Ana Lutetia said....
My suggestion for dress me up is PixelDolls that I am sure you are going to love.

Pixelmen 2

The delicious Ana had also tried to get me to go to Pixeldolls recently. What I hadn't realised is that I had been there in the past and bought several jackets which had been swallowed up in the black hole of my wardrobe, neither to be worn nor seen again. A small digression - if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, a voucher for a couple of hours worth of inventory sorting would hit the spot, thank you for asking. So I happily shook the dust off this purple velvetacular and wandered back to the store to match it to serendipitously find their storecards at 50% off. Win! So I took these grey pants off the wall and worked it up with this black shirt with tie combo. Then I teamed it with the Pixel Dust "Quinn" hair with this mad colour change streak in the front. Which is usually set to a default pink. I guess in this I could pass for the purple people eater - or drinker, anyways.

Frequency Picnic said...

I can't think of anything I haven't seen you in except maybe some kind of tweedy professor outfit.


Now... Freq has seen me in just about everything, so she's qualified to say that. Luckily I already owned this silk suit from Sartoria. I'd bought it a few months ago, standing in front of the vendor for a good while arguing with myself whether it was chic or geek. I managed to convince myself of what I wanted to hear in the first place, - I'm VERY good at doing that - and after shaking hands and agreeing on the deal I took it home in glee just to put it on and realise with a sinking heart that on me? It was definately geek. So I cast it from the light in disgust just to fish it back out again with a grin for this challenge. And I'd already bought the briefcase a while ago from Bad At Croquet. I have no idea why - maybe it was to blend into Wall Street to see what yuppie blood was like?I have some classy/expensive/elegant watches, but this was best finished off by my Hobo Watch with the radium dial - because Frequency is a Hobo. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? I've shod myself with these Tesla Oxfords - because that way I can claim my feet are all professorish and well edu-ma-kated even if the rest of me isn't.

DONE. Unless Dove and Autumn do what they were threatening to and throw me a massive style curveball. Bring it, little girls.

I'd also like to wish the lot of you weird human types a happy holidays no matter how you choose to celebrate them. Make sure you all stay safe and well. Even if for no other reason than because I like my victims warm and putting up some kind of a fight.




  1. ¡ǝ1dɹnd ǝʌo1 ¡snoıɔı1ǝp
    I love the quality and details of PixelDolls and besides the current sales there used to be a lot of 100L$ outifts sort of hidden.

    - Ana Lutetia -

  2. :O

    The tweedy professor outfit is so flipping hot. Yay!

  3. Yeah. I'm a sicko just like Sileny and think you look totally hawt in the tweedy look :D One of those plz! THX!

  4. somehow this ended up in the other post, so here's a copy/paste!
    told you you'd like TBC!! And I'm so happy you mixed it with some cyber punk, ossom

  5. *purrrs* Hafta agree with Sileny & Ach. And if anybody wants that watch (by Pavig Lok, also a Hobo, now of Rezzable), it's available for free down on the dock in the Calleta infohub.


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