Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Iceman Goeth

MVW Banner

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was doing the pageant thing for BOSL's Mr Virtual World 2011. I totally loved it, and I'm both sad and a bit glad it's over. Booo for the only fashion challenges now being ones I give myself "Hmmmm..... does this prim crotch make my ass look big or not?" but it's also kind of nice not having to stay up till 5am on weekends. Don't get me wrong, I still totally do that but I just don't HAVE to.

MVW National

I've been asked why did I choose Iceland and not my native Australia? Well come on, look at me. I burn walking past an open window, there's no way I'd survive for more then five minutes in the outback. I thought I'd leave the whole Akubra hat/Drizabone jacket/knifey spoony gig to someone who looked a bit less dayglo than I do. Plus if I was to go out in public at night time here dressed in my signature white on white with extra white then I'd have several beer bottles smashed over my head.

MVW Swimsuit

I wasn't one of the top five - congrats to Jax Aster of USA! - but I think I still managed to contribute something, even if it was just making the announcers choke when I started my bootie pop in the swimsuit section. Complete with real hand drawn wedgie and epic schlong shading on the thong. Can you believe that several hours beforehand I was looking classy and relatively normal in a wetsuit until I started talking to Jori Watler?

MVW Formal

For the Formalwear section, I wanted to stay true to my chosen land. Some research turned up a bloody marvel - an Israeli/Australian designer who now lives in Iceland named Sruli Recht. He works with materials native to the region - horse and reindeer leather, the wool of stillborn lambs, whole seagull carcasses and... umm... minke whale foreskin. I took his aesthetic to my poor beleagered employer and friend, Monica Outlander of Miamai and she created this wonder of a coat. Which will be released later on. Yep, I bet you hate it when I do that. Don't think this means I'll stop though.

At the end of it all I had a damn good time, and learnt a lot of things - espesh from the mindblowing styling skills of my competitors - as well as making some new friends. Plus it was cool to see how far I could get just by being me, pale loud goofy clumsy ME. Now pardon me all, I have to go get the pliers out and try drag my fangs back down into place.


What Winter Is Wearing

Hair - Magnus in White by Wasabi Pills
Skin - Brent in Light by CheerNo (worn throughout)
Eyes - Sunlight eyes in Azure by Fashism (Same brand of eyes worn throughout)
Outfit - Nordic in White by N.A.M.E (I freakin' LOVE this store, you need to go see it.)
Boots - Fur Trimmed Boots in Grey by LightStar
Axe - Velde's Skull Splitter Axe by Azora

Hair - Arianrhod in Pearl by Discord Designs (Thank you so much Kallisti!)
Tattoos - Loiuse by Tiki Tattoo
Necklace - Sharkstooth Necklace by Josef
Thong - Quezban in Red by Tori Toricelli
Feet - Jolie Pied Pivoting Male Feet by SLink

Hair - Soldier Boy in White by Shag
Coat - Valur Jacket by Miamai (not yet released)
Pants - Fur Trimmed Pants in Black by LightStar
Boots - Fur Trimmed Boots in Black by LightStar

My buttcrack gets it's starring moment at 00:30:20 if you want to see the madness for yourself...


  1. Winter, I haven't seen equal to your mad styling skills at MVW. But that's my personal opinion. You are truly unique.. imitated, but not equalled. Andrej does a poor attempt :P

  2. Huh, they must be mad sending the Iceman home!


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