Monday, July 4, 2011

Le Voleur De Paon

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So I'm one of the 20 male models in SL currently trying to prove that they are really really really ridiculously good looking in the BOSL Mr Virtual World 2011 competition - yep, I'm Mr Iceland of course. (Transylvania was voted out of contention by the Russian judges... curse them.) I'm loving it so far - style challenges every other week WOOOOOO! - and this time it was avant garde. Which if you know me at all is really the only way I bother getting dressed in SL...

Winter Magus 1 Blog

I spent several days trying to make something all spikedy and geometric, and you will see this at a later date - swear. But things evolved as they often do when your fairy godmother Monica is a bit of a creative genius, and I ended up looking as if I'd made good on my promise last month to molest Frolic's peacocks. It's okay - it's a far more fulfilling life for them as FASHION anyway.

Winter Magus Blog

Winter Magus 2 Blog

Winter Magus 3 Blog

What I'm loving on in this post - the cape is called Magus, it's by Miamai and it's not out yet sorreeeeee but the Lenoire hair is, and it's available at Hair Fair until the 15th of July. Be aware that I've modded it a fair bit though, there's meant to be some girly stuff on top. I'm still mad about my Vincent skin from Tableau Vivant, this is the January tone and I also got my Claw Pants from there too. Nuuna Nitely makes wonderful bold makeups and I'm layering several of them here, most of them from her new Version 8 makeup pack. My Taped Guts are from Sinistyle and the Sequinned Leggings are from Fishy Strawberry. Just out of view - the huge and inventive stream of cursewords from when I crashed two minutes before showtime.

I have no idea what the end results of the styling competition were, they may have announced it but I was too busy trying to untangle Winter Junior from the sequinned tights. It's also a mad giggle watching the audience wake up when the very blindingly pale man appears on the runway after the Costa Rican guy and tries to convince them that dead with shitloads of guyliner can be beautiful too.


  1. Stunned by your awesomeness as usual!

  2. Are you a guy who wanna be a girl? prrrfffff.

  3. Whisperrrrrrrrrrrs! <3

    Hello Anonymous; and thank you for your feedback. However I'm happy being a guy. One day it may snow where I live, and on that day I can write my name. I feel that makes it worth the wait. Thank you for stopping by.

    Love, Winter,

  4. I'm gay... but I don't understand why in a masculine contest, are you participating... I like the way you look very aesthetic, you're beautiful but obviously, not masculine at all. Is the end for guys who like me, are gays but straight looking and love to see masculine guys, not gay stereotypes?.

  5. Hello Anonymous the Second;

    Firstly - genuine and honest thanks for taking the time to give me a well thought out comment instead of just trolling. I like that you've presented your view in a measured way.

    This look was very very andro, I agree. I intended it to be as I wanted to both stand out and show a different aspect of avant garde styling. I don't always look like this though. The white hair with pale skin is a constant, but the rest is mutable. The first week's challenge was for Dolce & Gabanna and I had short hair and a really well cut suit with zero makeup. As a model I style myself to however I'm asked to, and I felt this look called for one of my favourite aesthetics.

    Also - I'm not sure if I'm a gay stereotype or not, especially as I'm hetero! Not that it matters to anyone, and definitely not me; I feel that a person's sexuality is one of the least parts of what makes them THEM. I'm married with kids in RL and I'm partnered here too. So if I hit any archetypes in my styling I wasn't aiming for them.

    It's a swimsuit competition this week and I'll be all hulky and manly man man for that one, as that's what it calls for. One of my mandates in entering MVW is to show a broad range of male types and styles, but of course filtered through my own tastes. Feel free to come along and critique at 1pm Sunday at Patch Thibaud - my looks may not do it for you but there's a LOT of guys in the comp that I'm sure will!


  6. I'm again. Thank you so much for take the time to read my last comment and to respond to it. I just mention my sexual orientation because I don't want to you take my comment in a male chauvinist way, it is just because is very hard to find nice male clothing and adicional to it, seems the male clothing designers have chosen to wear a girly-boy guy. In world, the girls have lots and lots of female and high quality content but the boys not. Would be nice if we can find modern clothing, I really hate the looking of the alpha male or stores of these kind. I dream with urban but hight quality one. I want to excuse me with you if my last comment sound rude... was not my intention and again thanks for your precious time.

  7. Hello Anon;

    I didn't think your comment was at all rude, I took it in the spirit you intended. I am super stoked that you came back to clarify. Thank you!

    I do feel your pain with the lack of well made urban wear for guys. I don't blog much of it but for everyday wear I'm in it a lot. One site I would recommend to you to follow is Bronson's as it's a great resource for the type of style I think you may be looking for. There's also this feed - and this Flickr group

    If you have anything else to ask or mention then please feel free to hit me up inworld.



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