Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Five Year Old Princesses Get Their Way

[2011/01/12 00:41] monica Outlander: I will make the Raven gown and sell it 100% for EaHH
[2011/01/12 00:41] monica Outlander: the princess gown and named after her of course!
[2011/01/12 00:42] monica Outlander: Pink, glitter, sparkles and what else she said?
[2011/01/12 00:42] Winter Jefferson: Hearts and butterflies!!!
[2011/01/12 00:42] monica Outlander: I guess it would not fit YOU for your blog XD
[2011/01/12 00:42] Winter Jefferson: Like hell it won't, imma blog it anyways. Name a dress after my daughter, its the LEAST I can do!

Raven Sparklefairy

So... umm... this is why I'm dragging it up here on In Cold Blood again after promising not to. I promise it will look far better on you than it does me, and there is a good reason for you to want this too. 100% of the sales of this brand new gown "Raven Sparklefairy" by Miamai are going to the Extend A Helping Hand event at Adien sim to provide funds to the victims of the floods in Queensland Australia. This is the only location you'll be able to find this dress, along with a collection from some of SL's most generous and talented designers, and organised by the amazing Sanura Sakai, an artist based in QLD. They have an array of items for sale that you'll want regardless of the charitable intent behind them. All money raised will be going to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal which you can find at that link if you prefer direct donations.

Just as important as money though is keeping the well being of these poor people in your hearts and minds; although some of the flood waters have peaked we still don't see an end in sight, and there are still many people missing. More than one million square miles of Queensland which is 11000 homes and 75% of the state has been declared a disaster area. It's a long road back to normality, especially as the economy of this state has been crippled for as long as we can see. And with your help they will manage it.

"As we weep for what we have lost, and as we grieve for family and friends and we confront the challenge that is before us, I want us to remember who we are. We are Queenslanders. We're the people that they breed tough, north of the border. We're the ones that they knock down, and we get up again." ~ Premier Anna Bligh.

UPDATED Extend a Helping Hand Market Sign

Main picture credit to Monica Outlander, EAHH poster to Sanura Sakai.


  1. awww, look at you! this is great! <3

    Creatrix is all proud of your pinkness

  3. a beautiful dress for a wonderful cause... and I bet your daughter *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd* when she saw it!!

  4. Lots of pinkness. :o

    Still a very cute dress even if ya don't quite have the chest for it. ;-)

  5. It reminds me of...

  6. well said Winter - keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. Oh and socks would have totally rocked the outfit :)

  7. lol So funny pic. really catches the attention

  8. oh this is just touching all around! that was so nice of her, and for such a wonderful cause. great post mistah fierceness :D


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