Monday, January 24, 2011

The Shaman Of Geometry


So I'm one of those people who does heaps of different things in SL, none of them particularly well if I have to admit it. Hey - if you've seen the pics on this blog, then you know what I'm talking about. Asides blogging I also fall off the ends of runways with style and grace occasionally. Yep; I'm a wannabe Zoolander. So when I saw a modelling competition hosted by Opium recently named the "I AM FIERCE WALKOFF" then there was no stopping me from working up my best Blue Steel. We were given total freedom to style and choreo ourselves, and this is what I ended up strutting in.


Luckily the judges also thought I was somewhat fierce; even after I submitted the wankiest outfit inspiration statement in the history of both worlds. I swear; I did NOT know it was going to be read out...

"I decided upon the theme of "Shaman of Geometry" and explored the physics and aesthetics of form. I discovered what happens when you combine it with the absolute purity of dark and light. Then I added lashings of sexual energy, poured it all into this performance... and I ribbed it for your pleasure."

I'm pretty sure that the audience's groans could be heard from space.


I'll be doing a proper review of it here in the next few days; but you are looking at my newest skin obsession, "Brent" by CheerNo. I'm wearing "Lux" in Skunk by MADesigns hair; "Bardot" eyeliner - yes I said eyeliner - by Kyoot @ Kozmetika; "Archelon" piercings by Rozoregalia; "Macabre Warrior" shoulder armour by LeLutKa. The white shrug is a custom from Miamai - sorry - but you can find these "Marcus" prim gloves there now. Bottom half I have the "Punk Not Dead X2" belt from N-Creation slithering down over my "Maya Pants" in Black and "Iveeyyyyyy omg can you please make these in white too pleeease?" from SN@TCH halfway hidden by the "Pirate Thigh Boots" by *LightStar* finishing with the "BlackBalled" spinal installation from El Jefe!

I had an absolute ball in this comp and if you are an aspiring model (or just a total attention hoar like I am) then you should go for the next quarterly Walkoff in April. But make sure that you take your own Monica Outlander or Honour McMillan to keep you sane too. Thanks ladies!


  1. ["Bardot" eyeliner - yes I said eyeliner - by Kyoot @ Kozmetika] You made me laugh RL!! Absolutely fierce, no doubt you deserved that title. *hugs*

  2. You were adorable (in a fierce almost manly kind of way)!

  3. Well done Fucker. - Gidge

  4. h'mmmm. This is inspirational.

    I'm going to do something like this myself....... and scare Rico to death. He told me that my persona and Cheerno don't mesh at all one day when he saw me looking around there but I dunno.

    I might be able to pull this off

    Good job...........



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