Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Not Just Girls That Like Makeovers....

Please.... I've been itching for years to do this.


I won't change you one little bit, I promise Phillip. I just need to... modern you up. We have prim hair now.


I can even deal with this "thing" you have about wearing your underwear outside your pants. It's Second Life, I see stranger things than that having group sex in my skybox when I log in.


Just an AO, and shoes that attach to the feet rather than MS Paint themselves over it. I've stuck to the lips theme that you have goin' on as well. See? In full respect, oh Former Dark Overlord of Way Too Many Hours Of My Day.


I totally get the fact that you have "your look," I tend to stick to one myself. And there's the whole complicated not being able to endorse any one particular designer by wearing their items alone. But we have things called Inspection Shields now, and they are apparently effective in hiding the clothing creators. Apparently.

So do it for us, Mr Rosedale. See how nice you can look for just a few lindens? And if it's too much, then hey - just create more! Do it for the Fashionistae of SL who love and support you even though you've kinda gone. Pleeeeeasee?

P.S - Hamlet? YOU'RE NEXT.

Skin - Miguel Tan 6-E by Belleza
Hair - Dystopia by The Abyss
Eyes - Fern by Fusemelon
Moustache - Bandito by Discord Designs
Shirt - Kiss Marks by Aoharu
Posing Pants - Bikini Gold by Bare Rose
Pants - Workers Jeans by Fishy Strawberry
Shoes - Cuban Boots by LaPointe and Bastchild

Thanks to Cherelle Capra for the convo that sparked off this. <3


  1. terrific post! i'm looking forward to more makeovers :)

  2. I love that you were able to stay true to the spirit of Philip. I'm interested to see what you will suggest for Hamlet.

  3. I <3 Winter! Monday morning was slugging along and I saw a Winter blog and yay you didn't fail me! I am LOL so hard right now! Excellent work as always!

  4. X3 !!!! hahaha I'm so glad you kept me in suspense now, I would have never guessed!

  5. Great post! Love the man thong - almost looks like a codpiece!!!

  6. my eyes are burning. LOL. Best. Post. Ever.

  7. Hahaha! I can't even find the words to credit the gloriousness that is this post. WIN.

  8. The metallic "codpiece" is a great replacement for the old psychedelic effort he wears.
    Brillant work! More please!

  9. Yep:


    Damn, I hope this starts a trend!

    Can I have some more please, sir?

  10. Runs screaming from Philip's remodeled "area"

  11. Look at the comments on NWN - Hamlet agreed to let you make him over! Please.Do.EEET.

  12. You never stop short of amazing us with your genius genes Winter! Congrats on the much needed makeover.


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