Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Post No Fashionista Can Afford To Miss

Because everyone's style - in a world of 2 million people - is so unique and speshul that it should be cherished. And coveted. And protected by any means necessary. ANY MEANS. It's a war out there, oh.... don't ever kid yourself folks. There are dangerous people who will see you and then go out and buy what you have on. So you can't traverse the grid with a team of snarling Dobermanns ready to tear the faces off anyone who dares look at you admiringly. (I think that's planned for the next Release Candidiate.) Until then, there is only one way to protect your innate speshulness from the ravening hordes. It's not safe to step outside your front door.

The Anti-Inspect Shield. It's essential.


I'm wearing clothes from Designer X, there may or may not be pants and a shirt. And there is hair. But you don't get to see it. I don't want you shopping anywhere near where I've been.

Shield 1

It goes with everything I have on, and is perfect for a quiet dinner date, a Tupperwear party or maybe lunch with the girls. I even found it the perfect accessory for evening wear. And partied in it all night long.

Shield 2

So its the perfect shock and awe tactic for protecting your preciousness amongst a crowd of avatars who are all desperately clicking you, needing to know exactly how they can transform themselves into you, steal your identity and jump on your poseballs with your boyfriend.

Because that's what they are doing. Really.

P.S. Get the fuck over yourself.


  1. Here's how you get around those stupid things:

    Advanced Menu (Ctrl-Alt-D)
    Advanced > Rendering > Hide Selected
    Now, right click the doofus and inspect. Their "shield" will be selected ... and it will no longer be rendered by your client.

    What does that mean? It means that as far as the client is concerned, it no longer exists. Just click their hair or skirt or shoes now and .. voila, the inspect info comes up.

    (Some of these idiots try and use multiple shield objects. Just activate the build menu, move to the select, and SHIFT+Click through the onion layers of dumb. Then right click and inspect whatever it is you wanted to inspect when you get to it.)

    Ran Garrigus

  2. This is so BULLSHIT.. and what a joke.. it's more a smokescreen for the copybotted creepers.. and from what I have seen in the Emerald viewer, they have a "shield" as well.


    I want people knowing who I wear.. that keeps my fav designers working - seeing the popularity raise.

  3. What the morons who wear this in order to "hide" their favorite designers and their originality (because we all know how original these fools are), is reduce sales for their favorite designers. If a designer isn't getting paid, they aren't making clothes/hair/shoes/whatever. Even without hiding selected, I was able to get through supposedly the "best" one by clicking on a nearby object, swinging my cam over, and getting close to the object I wanted to inspect.

  4. PLUS, they can't get to their own attachments for adjusting or selecting or even getting the general pie menu..SOOO STUPID!!!!

  5. Jori,

    Emerald has a completely different "shield" which merely prevents people with certain clients favored by rippers from grabbing information concerning the textures on the avatar. It does not prevent people from inspecting attachments.

  6. I finally ran into one. The person in question was wearing very identifiable clothes. And actually without just a little bit of zooming I could get under the thing and inspect.

    I've decided from now on that when I see someone wearing one of those and I can figure out what she is wearing I'm going to compliment them, very specifically, on their clothes.

  7. Where can I get one of these?


  9. Ooohh! Do they sell it in blue?!?! :P

  10. I found someone wearing one recently, i wanted to see who made the hair they were wearing.
    After a little effort, i got to the hair anyways ;)

  11. I thought that was a big fart cloud around you, Winter..... Cuz that will DEFINITELY keep me away.

  12. LOL! Awesome post, Winter! Usually when I like something someone is wearing I *GASP* open an IM box and ASK THEM! A rare art, I know. Usually works in my favor since then he or she feel complimented that another person likes his/her particular style.

  13. This cracks me up so hard. I mean... check the transparent label over the top. Now they're going to have to get a shield to prevent people from knowing where they bought their shield.... Tsk tsk!

  14. lol funny thing was i saw somebody with that shield the other day...what she was wearing wasn't even that cute of an outfit anyway, i was trying to get to her hair, lol

  15. I thought it was simply a way to shop naked. Why bother with deciding what to wear to actually go shopping? Just pop on The Shield, shop, pop on the new purchase, and lower The Shield. So disappointed to know people where clothes under it.

  16. Oh wow. I thought this was a joke. People actually wear this crap?
    <3 Winter. h8 stoopid people.

  17. Try going to one of the popular clubs and doing a Ctrl Alt T to highlight transparent and quite often the place is full of these dumb ass things. As someone said above, half the time the outfits they are wearing ain't *that* cute.

  18. Beautiful post. I have not run into this yet, but my god, really? Even in real life people brag about the designer's name.
    *snob smile* "Oh yes it's Versace/YSL/etc."

  19. I ran into someone wearing one of these, after seeing it blogged - can't believe people can be so full of themselves as to find complimentary interest bothersome. Loved the wit of this post. I'll be back for more :)

  20. I always let people know what Im wearing if they ask :) I like to keep SL beautiful and help the economy. Keep those hard working creators in bizznizz!


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