Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfire Appeal Date Auction And Party

Remember how I mentioned in my last blogpost how helpless and frustrated I felt as I was "spectacularly unskilled" and had nothing tangible to offer the Bushfire Victims Relief Appeal? (Apart from buying everything that was being made for the cause - and as lovely as the Truth "Victoria" hair is it just don't look right on me.) Well it turns out that there is something that I'm very good at. And that's walking up to complete strangers and telling them that I want to pimp them out. And so I present to you....

Being held at Seven Ultra Lounge on Sunday th
e 15th of February - this weekend - at 7pm SLT. A selection of some of the most awesome and generous people have volunteered to have their flesh peddled for this most necessary and urgent of causes. It's going to be clean, classy and a metric buttload of fun as we parade the best slabs of pixelmeat for your bidding pleasure. The winner gets a platonic two hour date at a mutually agreeable day and time with their chosen companion. For those that don't know that word, it means that you aren't buying pink and blue poseball time, but an interesting couple of hours with fascinating conversation, dinner, dancing , maybe setting the world to sunset together as you have a picnic on a purple sculpty seashore... that kind of thing. Some of the biddees are also offering extras such as custom clothes or hair, created exclusively for you.
We are featuring a broad range of boys and girls from all walks of Second Life, so there is someone that is bound to appeal to you. Some of the participants include

Dove Swanson Lawless McBride Autumn Hykova Dakota Buck Glamoramama Boa JohnJoseph Shippe Jonny Tobias Ashia Tomsen Truth Hawks Achariya Maktoum Sylar Boyd Grady Echegaray Ryker Beck Stephberry Delling Hibiscus Flossberg Cherelle Capra Malkavyn Eldritch Newdoll Nikolaidis Vasean Talamasca Faery Sola Lazaro Nakamichi Tesa Jewell Ruina Kessell Seikatsu Koba Felicity Blumenthal Catero Revolution Payton Heron Bianca Darling Callie Cline

And... ummm... me.

I can guarantee that 100% of all funds raised are going straight to the Red Cross to be distributed in rehousing and feeding the 4000 people left homeless by the bushfires that erased whole towns in Victoria this weekend. Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck have been working tirelessly to ensure that these devastated people get the shelter and medical help they need. And please show your appreciation to the biddees giving their valuable time, the designers and creators of Second Life who are donating goods and profits to the Appeal, and the brilliant staff and management of Seven Ultra Lounge who have generously allowed us the free use of their amazing club. And they have even offered to break their club rules and let us use gestures - HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Even the DJane Sierra Sugar and the photog Elusyve Jewell are working this event gratis. There will also be donation kiosks set up at the venue if you would like to ogle the biddees but your girlfriend would kill you if you walked in with a model.

So come join us and buy yourself some fun. The club has waived all entry fees for this event as well, so don't let that hold you back. Just make sure you get in early as we predict this sim will be hopping.


We know how serious this situation is, and we aren't making light of any of the suffering these people are going through. This is just a way to get everyone participating in fundraising and feeling good doing it. If you have any questions about the auction message myself, Winter Jefferson first - and if it's about the fundraising aspects Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck are your best contacts. Special thanks to Catero Revolution for making the poster.



  1. Aww you totally rock! I am glad to see so much is being done for the victims of this tragedy. I think I might break my "no RL money into SL" rule in order to contribute more. I hope other people do too!

  2. This is a wonderful cause! i'll definitly come and bring my friends!
    <3 Bunneh

  3. Thank you Winter for putting this together.

  4. I so wish I could go to this and help out my fellow Aussies... I guess I'll just have to make do at work that night trying to get people to put their change into the donation bucket.

  5. Isn't it ironic that it's being at such an "unfriendly-to-Australians" time?

  6. ... and unfriendly to Europeans too. ;)

  7. I would love to Help in any way...
    IM me if you're interested.

  8. Well if you want to bid on me, pass me the linden prior and I will bid whatever you want and reserve your spot lol.
    Nah it is a good time for Aussies, I mean it is at midday for me, which isn't that bad, but for the Euro crowd it is a killer. Just do what I do for all the big SL events and stay up all night, it is worth it ;-P

  9. /me is going to try to make it :)

  10. Wewt! It will definitely be an interesting evening! Winter, you're amazing and awesome for putting this together! :)

  11. awww I cant make the party but would love to help out if I can...just IM me inworld

  12. Dammit, that's four a.m. for me and I have to work-no way I can make that....and i so wanted to bid on Ach....


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