Monday, February 9, 2009

No Pretty Fashion Pictures Today Sorry...

...but this is important.

I'm sending out an appeal of behalf of all those affected by the devastating Victoria Bushfires.
It may suck that your textures won't load. And it's frustrating when TP's are down. But these people are experiencing their world being borked on a level never seen before. At the time of writing this post, the death toll is 108 and climbing. Australia was shattered by the 2002 Bali Bombs, and we lost 88 lives in that. This is going to resonate for in my beloved country for a very long time.

But there are survivors, and they need help. Entire towns were wiped off the map this weekend. Not only did people lose their entire homes - but they have nowhere else to go because their neighbours, friends, families all lost theirs too. And there are no cars left to leave in. Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has pledged an immediate relief fund of AU$10m but it's going to take a lot more.

There are two ways you can help.

The Red Cross has set up an appeal online. They are the most reputable relief agency in the world, and you know that 100% of anything you can spare will go straight back to rehousing and feeding these poor bastards.

Or you can join in inworld. Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck are organising a fundraiser, and are asking for participants. If you are a designer, a pose maker, an artist, a builder - anything, please get in touch with these ladies and let them know what you can do to help. Even if you are spectacularly unskilled like me I'm sure there is something you can offer. I know we are suffering from charity fatigue, but these events don't ever slot in to a time when they are acceptable and easily dealt with. This is a plea to all, but especially any Australians involved in our safe version of the world.

Picture Source - Torsten Blackwood AFP, taken from the ABC News website.



  1. You know, it's funny, but Valentine's Day inspires more goodwill in me than Christmas ever does.

    I will do what I can. Thank you for the heads up, Winter.


  2. A few months ago it was the south of Brazil (my country) all under water all of a sudden. Now this. It makes me worry very much about our world, it seems mother nature is dying. I'll help the fundraiser when I can!


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