Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Berry's Dance in Second Life Challenge

Strawberry Singh is so demanding with her memes and her nosiness and her challenging us to do things we've never done before. I mean REALLY. Inspiring me to find a screencap thingy and make my first ever machinima. Pushy, pushy, pushy.

Credits for the music - "Miley Cyrus Vs Redfoo Vs Journey - Don't Stop Wrecking Ridiculous Ball (Djs From Mars Bootleg)"

  1. Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from? These are both dances from the Ministry of Motion - "Want You Bad" then "Happy Happy!" I like the second one the best because it's the dance I do when I really want to embarrass my kids. 
  2. Which is your favorite dance in Second Life? – There's 2 also from MiniMo. If you've known me for any length of time, then you'll know I'll bust out into either the Bootiepop or Baby Oh Yeah at any opportunity. Being in front of a live audience of hundreds never stops me either... hi, everyone still traumatised from Mr Virtual World 2011! 
  3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? – Apart from Ministry of Motion; there's Humanoid, Akeyo and A&M Mocap.
  4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life? – Unf. Yes. I used to spend an obscene amount of money on dances, and I kept an antisocial alt just for clubbing so I could bliss out on something really meaty with a ridiculous BPM and not be interrupted. I'm also happy to accompany the ladies in my life to a ballroom. I used to work for one of the top gown makers in SL, Miamai - so I could write it off on tax as market research. 
  5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world? – I am. But only when no one's watching. 


  1. I loved reading this! Love your humor but I do feel bad for your kids about that second dance haha Can't wait for Berry's next meme/challenge :)

  2. Well, Mr. Jefferson! You did a machinima! Now...you know what that means, don't you? It means I have to learn how to do one too. Sigh...
    Truly, I've been wanting to do machinima forEVer, but I just never seem to get my moxie up when I have the time. Maybe this time will do it. Maybe.
    I think your kids must have a blast - especially when you're dancing about like that. And I love the way that song ends..."Let's get ridiculous!" YAH!
    Now, if I can just get Aeon to let me FILM him dancing with me, we'll be good to go...

  3. I love pushing you around! :P I loved this! <333


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