Monday, January 14, 2013

The Susa Bubbles have caught a fish...

While they admire how big it is, the fish dies. They wonder if they are to blame. - Rose Borchovski

The Susa Bubbles are back in Rose Borchovski's latest installation: The Arrival of The Fish. The interactive exhibit allows you to to explore the plight of the Susas as they struggle to understand their role in the death of a fish. 

There is quite a bit to see, hear, and touch as well as a few gifts along the way. My suggestion: Touch everything, zoom in everywhere...find where you fit in. Because you will. 

If you fall you can always run to the nearest umbrella for a ride back up. It's also handy for exploring the sculptures floating away from the main installation. I have taken more photos at The Arrival of The Fish installation and they can be seen on my flickr page.

For more of Rose's past work check out Iono Allen's YouTube account for his latest machinima of the heartbreaking installation, The Inevitability of Fate. Winter and I experienced this together, and you can read his words about it in this recent post. 


  1. What lovely images, Eve. Thank you for posting about this!

    I remember going to visit The Inevitability Of Fate after Winter wrote about his experience there, and now I'm curious (and maybe even a little apprehensive) about visiting this new installation.


  2. Thank you Evie! This new one is really wonderful. I'm getting rather attached to the Susas. xD


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