Monday, June 11, 2012


I like to think that after almost 6 years in SL I'm fairly well travelled. However today my partner Eve asked me if I'd been to 2 Fish yet, I hadn't. Should we go now?  "Great!" said the ignorant vainpyre "I love Dr Suess!"

It wasn't Dr Seuss.

I was very unprepared.

After arriving and having a quick look around and delighting in the whimsical build "The Inevitability of Fate" I complimented the creator Rose Borchovski on how amazing it was. We mentioned my photos for a moment and I blithely commented back how I hoped I could do it justice. Eve and I wandered the sim, jumping on poseballs and snapping pictures. Then she asked if I had the sound on. I hadn't until then, so I did. And that's when everything snapped into place, and made shocking sense.

2 Fish Blog 1

I still took a few of my substandard photos which I'm posting here, tiling issues and all. But I also turned off photographer eye and absorbed what was happening, the tale that was being told. It's interactive in that there are poses in all the installations so you become part of the history, plus there are triggers that when you walk through them, they hand you props and items to wear. There was more than one spot that was overwhelming and I came very close to having to leave. I have never been affected by a sim in Second Life like I have this one.

2 Fish Blog 2

2 Fish Blog 3

2 Fish Blog 4

 I don't want to talk about it too much as I feel it's better off experienced rather than read about on my shallow fashion blog.  But you should go, you really should. Just be prepared to be challenged and leave yourself time to think. I myself took away from it a new perspective, and a reminder of what's important. You can also see Eve's view on the installation here.

Thank you, Rose Borchovski.

P.S. this post is dedicated to Craig, with best wishes for your recovery.


  1. I am so sold, gonna go check it out! Awesome post!

  2. Oh love...I'm glad I could experience this with you. Truly.

  3. My interest is piqued by this provocative post - I will be making time to visit this sim. Thank you for sharing!


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