Monday, October 25, 2010

Prince of Sands

Yes; incredibly well made RP clothes for men. They do exist. Many thanks go to Vasean Talamasca for dragging me to Zaige Lumiere, a brand new label over a year in the making from an old time player. Every prim is perfectly placed, each texture is unique, there's a broad range of colours available for each outfit, and each ensemble comes with a shit ton of options inside the box. It took me as long to decide what configuration I was going to wear them in as this post did to shoot.

Zaige Lumiere 1
"Lust" in Blue

Zaige Lumiere 2
"Wrath" in Black

There's a great selection of complete ensembles - including boots - for Masters, Kajiru and even a few barely there outfits for the Seelie folk. I bypassed the silks because I decided that you have all seen enough of my buttcrack for the moment. Cherish these moments of thoughtfulness guys; I don't have them often.

Also shown - Skin is Belleza Shawn Tan 5, Hair is Maitreya Green II in Chocolate for the top pic, Maitreya Bo in Chocolate for the second. Weapons are all from Azora.

Shot at Kingdom of Sand.


  1. oh hello Mr. Sexy Jefferson....would you like to RP with me sometime? (evil_grin)

  2. Jake Gyllenhaal, eat your heart <3 out!

  3. coolness and that Vas man, he knows where it's at. Great stuff.


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