Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing But Net

Because I love tattoo layers with the passion of a thousand rockets fired directly into the heart of the sun.


And no matter what I do, I can't enable shadows in SL. Do you realise how embarrassing that is for a vampire? That's supposed to be our prime skulking territory.


And also because I finally scrambled my way back here to my blog after computer problems, graphics problems and just generally a lack of blogging mojo. Yes; I know everyone has already done this hair, and then moved on to the new Clawtooth. Yet here I am today - and not wearing it in white - showing it with these perfect leather pants.


I know. I don't do anything when, or as I'm supposed to. But didn't you miss that just a little?


What I'm Wearing

Hair - Glass Candy in Ink by Lamb
Skin - Thomas in 0-E by Belleza
Tattoo - Obscure by *DG*
Eyes - Glitter in Red by ::hsh::
Chest Jewellery - Gothic Nipple Piercing by Nasty Doll. And... umm... ouch.
Rings - Gemma in Ring/Nail3 Male by Rozoregalia
Bracelets - Gemma by Rozoregalia - Free for the MHOH4 Hunt
Belt and Pants - Chaos Leather in Red by The Abyss - currently at Call For Couture
Boots - Alpha in Black by Arcavim. Yeah, stupidly didn't get any pics of these in. But see them here, they rock.


  1. I dunno, it looks kinda mainstream to me.


    But in all honesty Winter, nicely done. Shadows or not, the lighting is lovely.

  2. Hawt. I'm totally with you on tattoo layers - they are all kinds of win, even undiscovered kinds. And hey, you look good in black. ;)

  3. You're a scary scary fella but I'd do ya in a heart beat...if you weren't otherwise engaged. Love this look for some reason.

    Roxanna Edenflower

  4. Hi, the LM to *DG* takes me to an empty plot. I tried to search for it, but *DG* comes up with so many hits, I tried to find it on the first 5-10 pages but it is impossible... Can you post the creator so I can try to find it through the profile? Thanks a lot!


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