Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Purple Is A Fruit

Tattoo layer hairbases are completely awesome. Especially now that a few enlightened creators are making them in white. I wear mohawks a lot, in case you've never seen my blog before. And a lot of times I like to mainstream these up a bit and go fauxhawk by softening the look with a white base.

Then there's days when I just want to admire the light bouncing off my pale skull.


I'm also still utterly in love with this Josh teeth skin by Kento. I now also own so many different colour change options of the Gos Docs that I'm in danger of bringing down every sim I port into.



Hair - Deathhawk by House of Munster - not finding a current inworld location, sorry.
Skin - Josh in Pure by Kento
Guyliner - Makeup in 11 for Viewer 2 by Garage
Eyes - Perple (sic) Glow by ::hsh::
Shrug Thingy - Mesh Shirt <<00t10011>> by Roots
Undershirt - Wifebeater in White by Zaara (tinted)
Shorts - Bermuda Shorts in Leather by BC322
Gloves - Victor in Silver by YV
Socks - Socks Mit Suspenders in Black by Pig
Shoes - Docs in Pewter by Gos

Also, at some point Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks must have sent me over some poses - eeep, sorry mate.

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