Friday, October 23, 2009

Winter's Tale


I arise, having lost all chance of redemption
My soul made forfeit by my choice to return
I walk amongst the warm only by the light of stars.
My hunger. Is now thirst.
From once beloved human child
I have become nightmare.

Through milennia I pass unchanged
Watching all men fall beneath the scythe of time
Razor edged winds howl within my hollow core.
I reach out. But only to take.
Desolation now my truest companion
hand in eternal hand we stride.

I stand as Lord but pariah
An exile from even these souls that be damned.
Cast out for my joyous embrace of this age
I alone evolve. And therefore are feared.
Refusing to kneel to ancient laws and hatreds
Unbound to impose my vision upon this world.

Let the other vampires be formed of darkness, magma and brutality.

I am sleet.
I am the bone death.
I am the blinding light.

I am the season that heralds all that there will be when this world ends.

I am Winter.



  1. Lord Winter, you leave me with no words. How beautiful and touching

  2. Beautiful! Did you write that youself? :o


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