Thursday, August 20, 2009

Purple Reign

Whilst I was running around like a headless chicken an hour before the last Swansong show on Monday something dropped in from Fashcon that literally stopped me in my tracks. I dropped everything - those models just had to do up their own lingerie - and floated to LeeZu in cloud of WANT. So I only got to open the damn box today, but in that time.. oh yes, the love had not diminished one iota.

De Sade 4

The "Au Reviour De Sade" coat in Lilac.

De Sade 3

Look at this thing - it practically glows. That's no funky PS effect or some Windlight setting from Torley's most fevered dreams - that's how it actually looks.

De Sade 2

It took me a while to find pants and boots that did this work of beauty justice - but I found the Sailor boots at Drack Diesel's Arcavim, and the Open Low Rise Leather pants from Swaffette Firefly's SFD Designs. The gloves are from YV, a newish store with ultra realistic accessories.

De Sade

I also used this as an excuse to get the Sabura skin in Chaos from Den-Dou that I had been promising myself. I wasn't a fan of these skins, I've had Ichiro in my inventory since March and never felt it suited me. I put it back on 10 days ago, and holy crap - I don't know what happened in the meantime but now I can not take them off. And I stopped off to check out my friend Cerdwin Flanagan's of BLU282's new mainstore and gallery today. And these VitalBlu eyes were just sitting there, waiting for me. Okay, so I don't often do LOTD posts, but this one fell together. And it's not often I make an attempt at sexy vampire, so deal with it.

Oh - and a massive thank you to all those who voted me in as Dark Eden's first ever Guy Of The Month. Too awesome, and together we made history! I'll do my best to not have my crown taken off me in my month, but it will take me a while to size it up properly first...



  1. Oh Wow! I have seen the latest releases of LeeZu in the feed. They all look awesome but this lilac coat is way to sweet and adore that Den-Dou skin on you esp in this outfit

  2. Awesome post, Winter. I love this coat and you certainly do it justice. :)

  3. I believe your exact quote was "Winter Jefferson: omg, I MUST have that LeeZu jacket!" You wear it well! ;)


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