Monday, June 15, 2009


Every child loves a clown. And this clown loves children.

Clown 3

Go on, take the balloon. They float...

Clown 2

Laugh louder. So no one can tell it's a scream.

Clown 4

Trust me. This will be the ride of your life.



Blame Gidge. Her challenge to me was to blog "Vampire Clown." This is my response to her after she took my "Vampire Style" suggestion and ran with it brilliantly in her post, turning herself into an Undead June Cleaver. My take on things was a little darker. And I dedicate this post to the bastard who gave me Stephen King's IT on my tenth birthday.

Shot at the only place this really could be shot, Rezzable's Carnival of Doom.

Skin - Joker Cut in Ultralight by Nomine
Hat - Willow Garden, old group gift from Silent Sparrow
Ruff - Big Top Ruff, Carnival of Doom
Jacket - Parade Jacket, Gritty Kitty
Pants - Twisted Circus, SN@TCH
Shoes - Death Clown Shoes by Riggormortis String, bought from Xstreet.



  1. I adore it!! Finally a clown I can believe in.

  2. OMG Winter! i'm already terrified of clowns. :( now i have to imagine YOU like this *hides* i've been terrified of them since i was a child and "It" didn't help matters much at all.

  3. I used to have a roommate who was terrified of clowns. Once, driving down the highway I saw a carload of clowns and silently pulled up next to them as he rattled on about his new boyfriend. When he casually looked over and saw this carload of demon clowns (ok they were just regular clown) he started shrieking.
    Hilarious and brilliant Winter.
    You Rock Mon Frer.
    - Gidge

  4. Very creepy and well shot. Bloody eyeballs on the!

    Glad I saw you on the Fashion Feeds and I look forward to reading more.

    Best wishes!

  5. LOVE the look!! I'd be scared if I saw that swaggering up the midway.

  6. Clowns are creepy. I read "It" as a teenager and covered the book under a pile of clothes every night before turning off the light (it was the cover with the scary 3D clown).

  7. clowns never looked mroe badass...


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