Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Alpha and The Omega

Upon finding Alpha Tribe I was immediately seized with a sense of outrage.

WHY was I never informed about this store???

Alpha Blackbird
Fly Blackbird Fly skin.

Upon reaching the complete outfits on the second floor I realised to my shame that Grady had blogged them on Strange Pixels a few weeks ago, and it was my own stupid fault for taking so long to check it out.

Alpha Panther
Panther Skin

These skins are Eloh mods, yes. But I have never seen anything quite so breathtaking in their artistry, the glosss and sheen of them and just the absolute madness of imagination it would take to decide to spread these designs all over an avatar body.

Alpha Flamingo
Flamingo Skin

All these came in a pack that includes both a male and female skin as well as some items of clothing, and boots in the Blackbird one. There are no demos. But take it for granted, there's no way you will look like your everyday self in one of these, so suspend caution and take a leap of faith. These are just some of the designs to be found. There were also an array of complete avatar outfits, this one that I bought was named "Padded," and was a steal at just 250l. That's male and female options in the one pack, right from the skin up.

Alpha Padded

Alpha Padded 1

Alpha Tribe is a collaboration of designers that are led by Alpha Auer, one of the authors of the NPIRL blog. They proudly display the Eloh license with every skin they sell, and mention that they are a young team and would welcome any exposure they receive, as their sales help them continue to provide the free items that I also plundered whilst buying in a slack jawed frenzy.
I'm more than pleased to do so, it's artists like this that make Second Life worth logging into.



  1. I discovered Alpha.tribe back in January (and posted about it) and got back later on when Alpha Auer "offically" opened the store.
    Not only has she a wild imagination, but she is a great artist and a sweet person. Glad you finally discovered her :)

  2. OMG Winter, this is a fantastic find. I am sitting here with my mouth open. Can't wait to check it out myself.


  3. ok, so, with a name like Raven, can anyone guess which skin Ima gonna haveta try? Fabulous!

    Kudos Winter!

  4. Those are extraordinary. Ya Fucker.

  5. Wow i'm glad i passed by your blog today.... the part i lvoe about sl.. think after 3 years you've seen everything and yet you run into something ...

  6. I always wanted to make skin like that - truly inspiring

  7. My goodness! I just found out about this, thanks to Winter Wardhani.

    Thank you so very very much for liking our things. Hopefully we will be bringing out quite a few new outfits (all with their own custom skin of course) during the summer.

  8. that last that a little feather duster for your privates? LOL


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