Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spider Spider Typewriter Plaid

This is not so much an organised properly choreographed LOTD; but more a serendipitous collection I should call "Three things that I got on the same day that looked kinda cool together so this is what I wore."


The Savile Row Tuxedo from G'bberish** - how could I not fail to fall in love with something so geeky, and yet SO well made? These colours are so smooth and creamy together. There were prim sleeves too, but I did without so I could proudly sport THIS.


Simply called "Typewriter Bracelet" it's by [YGD] and it made me drop and give twenty glees when I saw it. And yes, it IS as heavy as it looks. Every time I went to push my hair off my face I knocked myself over. But we suffer for style, eh?


And lastly this amazingly crafted monocle from .:*D*:. I popped into MandyMandy McMillan's store after inspecting the buttcrack roses on a girl shopping at KMADD for hair to pick them up for Elusyve. MandyMandy was there, and was kind enough to gift me with this which went under the innocuous name of "Glasses No.20 Right."


Again, a delighted squeal when I tried it on at home, she's lucky I didn't on the spot or I would have been fanboi'ing all over her messily. I love spiders in a totally non-creepy type of way and this is such a whimsical treasure that I'll be watching the world through a cobweb for several days.

So it's not quite Steampunk, nor Mad Professor; but I wasn't reaching for a particular style. I just threw things on that I was all about today, it's a damn good thing they looked okay together. As I would have worn them anyway. Amazing how that works sometimes, isn't it?



  1. You are so madly cute when you find something you really like. Looks great. :)

  2. I can't remember if I saw it on SLX or elsewhere but that bracelet totally made me think of you!

  3. *snaps* your bowtie... you give geeky wampyre a stylish image...bravo!!

  4. I LOVE that Typewriter Bracelet! *needs it*

  5. That typewriter thing is amazing. And it is now mine. Thanks for leading me to this!


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