Friday, January 30, 2009

My Procrastinated Tribute

Hey bishes - I'm back. BleedingEyesBleedRed CrawlingDeathBlade doesn't just make the blackest jeans ever..... but he has one of the coolest names too!!! So even though they are crap I'll buy everything he makes. Did I mention they were black? They cling to my cawk and show up my third testicle George perfectly when I'm looking for comics/movies/song lyric quotes to butcher as my blog titles. So reap it.

Lawblog 1

And reap these shitekickers I found in the most obscure japanese sim that I'm not handing out the landmark to, hors. I thought I'd try something new..... and I didn't get the black!! I bought them in midnight, onyx, jet, coal, pitch, charcoal, sable and ebony instead. Oh, Daddy - were those all for me? Just look at the detail up close, but no hurry because I'm not peeling these off my feet all winter. Unless something cooler gets released tomorrow. Heh.

Lawblog 3

I'm also setting off fechin airport alarms with these piercings that go from my nose to my lip and connect with a chain to my chest clits. I tried to get it in black, but the vile hor wouldn't retexture it. So I spent the next 7 hours standing in her store trying on everything dove had bought me that week and modding my hair to stuff under this toque, eh. This was while I was telling autumn that I'd rather be dead then red.... ate a samosa out of berry's sexy arse crack.... called winter a girl and elusyve a hairy biker man. Those bishes love me.

Lawblog 2

So that's my blog for this month. And probably the next one. Time to get my scrubby blackheaded arse off to watch the fechin Broncos break my heart all over again, while dove goes shopping for cucumbers. And to remind someone of the bond of the Band of Brothers... and you thought Monty Burns bided his time???

Lawblog 4

I'm just sayin'.


This is a tribute to someone that dragged me into the fashion world when I kept posting comments on his blog. He and Dove Swanson adopted a noob vampire with NO ideas how to develop his style. All I knew is that I didn't want to look like anyone else. And he helped me do that. It would have been too damn easy to do a gushy wind beneath my wings type appreciation... plus I owe him quite a few burns.

If I need to mention his name, then I haven't done it right.

Alphamale Wintercoat

Gutterblood Vincent Boots

Belleza POE Hunt Skin

Armidi Limited A001 Black Classic Jeans

Dirty Lynx Impact T Shirt

Panache ZF and Kari - New School Hair

Electro Kitty Face Piercings Lip Rings

D.o.D Dead Ringer Piercings

eXcess Shaded eyes in blue



  1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! OMG...I'm laughing so hard right now I'm fuckin cryin!!!!!!!! ROFLMFAO...Mr. Jefferson you FUCKIN RAWK!!!!

  2. LOL Pray, pray that he is too lazy to do a tribute to you in return.


    This was so perfectly great. I can't wait for him to get home and see this. *dies*

    And hey! :p what were YOU doing THERE? *points at yer pics*

  3. Winter, this is PERFECTLY done, I love it so much <3 and RED FOREVER! :D

  4. I even managed to figure out who it was too, tho the Dove thing would be a give away to most. ". . . samosa out of berry's sexy arse crack . . . ", I nearly died.

  5. Damn. You beat me too it. I was totally going to do a tribute to the bastard, but you did a better job <3

  6. im sorry Winter, but i dont get the hype..Express is nothing like your post..although i do agree with Ach, he is a bastard...


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