Friday, January 16, 2009

D Cypher


This unit boarded the salvaged ship Nostrano as commanded, and scanned for signs of life. The last broken, static ridden communiques The Directive had received had ended in a choked off scream.

Doomed 1

Analysis - atmosphere unable to sustain human life. Human organic matter strewn upon walls, floors and ceilings. Findings include similar situation even on the exterior of the hull windows. This unit can not calculate what could have caused this.

Doomed 3

Control room similarly deserted. Last entered co-ordinates appear to have the trajectory of Nostrano directed towards the dark star X-1211 at Andromeda's outer rim. This unit interrupted this telemetry to place the carrier in orbit around closest planetfall.

Doomed 2

Audio recorded by this unit has unidentifiable characteristics. Submitting files for technical analysis. Unexplained grinding noises emanating from the cargo hold. Dark liquids seeping under the doorframe - posssible biowaste. Self preservation programming prevents further investigation.

Doomed 4

Doubleplus strong recommendation to The Directive is to destroy the Nostrano from a secure distance and contact insurance agency for amends. Abort, incinerate, reduce this ship to atoms. Sub-atoms.

This unit is not programmed for human characteristics. Question - is this fear?


Silver skin by Chip Midnight.
Cyber Mohawk, Mask and Shoes by +DV8+
Jacket by +*Cipher*+
Pinstripe Latex Pants and Rubber Biker Gloves by Elixir
Fishnet Shirt from "Red Right Hand" by SN@TCH
Shot aboard the Doomed Ship Nostrano
If you visit, respect their roleplay please.

P.S. - these cyber pieces come with an awesome glow, but due to the new glitch I couldn't do them justice. They still look damn good when you aren't trying to take pictures of them.



  1. Love the consistent narrative, added points for not breaking character till the postscript. 80's roller rink ambiguity mixed with a bit of cyber-punk sensibility, Ao bless ya for treading where sterner souls, dare not. Captured the light really well on that 1st shot.

  2. I love the way the WL setting works with that skin. That's rad! :D

  3. "Dark liquids seeping under the doorframe - posssible biowaste. Self preservation programming prevents further investigation."...the janitorbot X2000 made the same estimation whilst examining my locker in high school...coincidence?...i think not!!!...

  4. Alright, I officially love you, Winter. I resisted, I did, but now I give up. The pictures are awesome and I *love* the writing. <3


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