Saturday, October 1, 2011


Just a quick one today, as I believe I have found the best facial hair in either world. Better even than the whiskers on Oscar Page's Mom. 


It's from Birth. This is the new Thor skin. And this design is named Maori. I can't imagine how long this would take me to do.


And it would be a damn sight messier if I ever attempted it. The Thor skins feature a really interesting range of scrub, and come with different muscle tone and bodyhair options. I made sure that I wore the furriest for this blogpost to entice Elusyve back inworld.

Eyes are from Fashism, hair from No.07,  jacket and pants from LaPointe and Bastchild. They have a far better waistline than this really, but Monica demands that every man that comes close has to edit their waistband to just above ball level.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick Days Are Awesome....

...... when you have new hair.

Dragon Rose Isle

Loving all over this Victoria in Opal by LeLutKa. I think it was meant for girls.


And this Reptilia in Coffee by Wasabi Pills made me happy in places that you don't wanna know about. Hair snake out loud and proud. Trouser snake mercifully out of shot. For once.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spiculi Amore


So mine Monica O took me to meet her friend Matchbook Monday of the jewellery store Amorous to watch me gape in wonder at the store build. Which I did, it's stunning. Even if right now it does smell like Zed Linden's pee. (Ask him, I'm keeping the offlines for extortion purposes.) I also fell in love with the astonishing wares, none more so that this UBERSPIKED set "Ave Satanas." Several drinks later, we decided that it was best blogged with me as a naked androgyne angel.


WHAT it made sense at the time. Plus my Mum likes to give me shit about how femme I've been looking on this blog recently, so hopefully this will blow her mind. Everyone wave to her please as she starts sending me another incredulous text message.


I gracefully let Monica take my pictures - I'm a real giver like that - as my monitor blew out last week and I'm using a crappy little 15" CRT from the mid 90's until payday. With the curvature of this thing it's like viewing life from a very dirty fishbowl. Let's face it though, my pics aren't a patch on hers anyways.

Amorous has several different styles of jewellery, from contemporary burnished steel piercings, cyber eyes and candy beaded necklaces to warm wooden bracelets and through to the best zodiac necklaces I have seen in either world. Bear in mind that Matchbook is working feverishly to fill her store so there's still some empty vendors, but the build alone is worth the trip.


What Else Winter Is Wearing And Trust Me It Isn't A Whole Lot.

Hair - Knotted in Pitch by LeLutKa
Skin - Vincent In February by Tableau Vivant
Eyes - Sunrise in Pale Silver by Fashism
Makeup - Deco Eyeshadow by Miamai
Wings - Sofiel Angel Wings by Material Squirrel
Feet - Jolie Pied in Pivoting by SLink

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Glam Reaper

....guest starring the amazing Grazia Horwitz. Who was not only lovely enough to answer my stricken plea for photography help on plurk - by taking these glorious pictures - but she also took the skin challenge that I flung at her. "Modern Death with a palette of black and gold." And she didn't just take it, she ran right over the top of my styling attempts with it.

Glamorous Death

At least she got my best side in this pic. And I'm shirtless - AGAIN - because she flat out insisted upon it.

Danse Macabre

Because occasionally, even Death takes a holiday.

What We Wore For The Danse Macabre


Hair - 99 Elephants Krima b1
Hairbase- 99 Elephants shaved black T0
Skin - Ellivu female skin by Nuuna
Eyes - Repulse rage eyes
Eye make up - Grixdale Eyesore
Collar - Cheerno Lory scarf
Top - Whippet & Buck Cole boatneck top black
Dress - LeLutka Shutter dress
Coat - Bare Rose Black Duster Lady
Fishnets - Erratic fishnets wide
Boots - Lapointe & Bastchild Stiletto knee boots
Nails - PixelMode sculpted nails


Hair - Rebel in Black VII by MADesigns
Hairbase - Mist in Black by White Widow
Skin - Ellivu Male Skin by +Nuuna+
Eyes - Sunrise Eyes in Black by Fashism
Lashes - Deity Lashes in Colour 2 by Deity
Jacket - Military Cardigan in Black by *Coco*
Necklace - Butterfly Skull in Gold by R.icielli
Ring - Blak Diamond Stud Skull by NSD
Nails - Short Male Nails in Palette2 by Mandala
Pants - Juka Leggings in Goldfish by Miamai
Boots - Sidewinder in Black by Similar

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Iceman Goeth

MVW Banner

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was doing the pageant thing for BOSL's Mr Virtual World 2011. I totally loved it, and I'm both sad and a bit glad it's over. Booo for the only fashion challenges now being ones I give myself "Hmmmm..... does this prim crotch make my ass look big or not?" but it's also kind of nice not having to stay up till 5am on weekends. Don't get me wrong, I still totally do that but I just don't HAVE to.

MVW National

I've been asked why did I choose Iceland and not my native Australia? Well come on, look at me. I burn walking past an open window, there's no way I'd survive for more then five minutes in the outback. I thought I'd leave the whole Akubra hat/Drizabone jacket/knifey spoony gig to someone who looked a bit less dayglo than I do. Plus if I was to go out in public at night time here dressed in my signature white on white with extra white then I'd have several beer bottles smashed over my head.

MVW Swimsuit

I wasn't one of the top five - congrats to Jax Aster of USA! - but I think I still managed to contribute something, even if it was just making the announcers choke when I started my bootie pop in the swimsuit section. Complete with real hand drawn wedgie and epic schlong shading on the thong. Can you believe that several hours beforehand I was looking classy and relatively normal in a wetsuit until I started talking to Jori Watler?

MVW Formal

For the Formalwear section, I wanted to stay true to my chosen land. Some research turned up a bloody marvel - an Israeli/Australian designer who now lives in Iceland named Sruli Recht. He works with materials native to the region - horse and reindeer leather, the wool of stillborn lambs, whole seagull carcasses and... umm... minke whale foreskin. I took his aesthetic to my poor beleagered employer and friend, Monica Outlander of Miamai and she created this wonder of a coat. Which will be released later on. Yep, I bet you hate it when I do that. Don't think this means I'll stop though.

At the end of it all I had a damn good time, and learnt a lot of things - espesh from the mindblowing styling skills of my competitors - as well as making some new friends. Plus it was cool to see how far I could get just by being me, pale loud goofy clumsy ME. Now pardon me all, I have to go get the pliers out and try drag my fangs back down into place.


What Winter Is Wearing

Hair - Magnus in White by Wasabi Pills
Skin - Brent in Light by CheerNo (worn throughout)
Eyes - Sunlight eyes in Azure by Fashism (Same brand of eyes worn throughout)
Outfit - Nordic in White by N.A.M.E (I freakin' LOVE this store, you need to go see it.)
Boots - Fur Trimmed Boots in Grey by LightStar
Axe - Velde's Skull Splitter Axe by Azora

Hair - Arianrhod in Pearl by Discord Designs (Thank you so much Kallisti!)
Tattoos - Loiuse by Tiki Tattoo
Necklace - Sharkstooth Necklace by Josef
Thong - Quezban in Red by Tori Toricelli
Feet - Jolie Pied Pivoting Male Feet by SLink

Hair - Soldier Boy in White by Shag
Coat - Valur Jacket by Miamai (not yet released)
Pants - Fur Trimmed Pants in Black by LightStar
Boots - Fur Trimmed Boots in Black by LightStar

My buttcrack gets it's starring moment at 00:30:20 if you want to see the madness for yourself...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Le Voleur De Paon

Magus Banner

So I'm one of the 20 male models in SL currently trying to prove that they are really really really ridiculously good looking in the BOSL Mr Virtual World 2011 competition - yep, I'm Mr Iceland of course. (Transylvania was voted out of contention by the Russian judges... curse them.) I'm loving it so far - style challenges every other week WOOOOOO! - and this time it was avant garde. Which if you know me at all is really the only way I bother getting dressed in SL...

Winter Magus 1 Blog

I spent several days trying to make something all spikedy and geometric, and you will see this at a later date - swear. But things evolved as they often do when your fairy godmother Monica is a bit of a creative genius, and I ended up looking as if I'd made good on my promise last month to molest Frolic's peacocks. It's okay - it's a far more fulfilling life for them as FASHION anyway.

Winter Magus Blog

Winter Magus 2 Blog

Winter Magus 3 Blog

What I'm loving on in this post - the cape is called Magus, it's by Miamai and it's not out yet sorreeeeee but the Lenoire hair is, and it's available at Hair Fair until the 15th of July. Be aware that I've modded it a fair bit though, there's meant to be some girly stuff on top. I'm still mad about my Vincent skin from Tableau Vivant, this is the January tone and I also got my Claw Pants from there too. Nuuna Nitely makes wonderful bold makeups and I'm layering several of them here, most of them from her new Version 8 makeup pack. My Taped Guts are from Sinistyle and the Sequinned Leggings are from Fishy Strawberry. Just out of view - the huge and inventive stream of cursewords from when I crashed two minutes before showtime.

I have no idea what the end results of the styling competition were, they may have announced it but I was too busy trying to untangle Winter Junior from the sequinned tights. It's also a mad giggle watching the audience wake up when the very blindingly pale man appears on the runway after the Costa Rican guy and tries to convince them that dead with shitloads of guyliner can be beautiful too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vincent's Price

Vincent Banner 1

So I have a fairly ironclad rule of never logging in before work/getting the kids to school.

But. When Aida Ewing and M4ri1yn Magic of the new label Tableau Vivant release an incredible new skin named Vincent that all the fashionistos are parading on plurk... then it's okay to just push the offspring out of the car to the classroom when I've slowed down to about 20kph or so, right? *

Vincent Faces 1

This skin... I'm in love. It has no less than 12 body tones, ranging from this amazingly vampy pale right up to a drow black and stopping at all the conceivable tones of flesh in between. My faves are October which is this deep chocolate above, April for every day wear which is the one I'm wearing with the Blue Spray makeup and also this gorgeous burnished bronze November which I've never seen in a skin before.

Vincent Bodies 1

This is just a small taste of the tones; the graduations between each month are subtle yet defining and there's going to be at least one in the right shade for you. They are only 990l each and you get bald and hairbase in each pack, so it's terrific value. There is also a great range of add ons available like complementary makeups, beards and teeth.

Stop reading. Go get.

* No children were actually harmed in the creation of this blog. Just the teachers they landed on.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alone In A World That's So Cold

Prince Blog Header it was just one more of those mornings where you put on new hair and think "Oh god I look like Prince AGAIN today."

Prince Blog 2

Surely I can't be the only one this happens to?

Prince Blog 1

I finally managed to break my month long crash-every-single-effing-time-I-take-a-photo hoodoo which is partially to blame for the fact that my blog turnaround is something like three weeks between posts now. Thank heavens for alts with almost zero inventory, eh?

Prince Blog 3


What The Artist Formerly Known As Winter Is Wearing.

Hair - Folie d'Ete in Noir by Vanity Hair
Skin - Shawn in Deep Tan 9-E by Belleza
Eyes - Black in Small by Fashism
Jacket - Spleen in Purple by Miamai
Ring - Archelon in Style 2 by Mandala
Gloves - Poker Gloves in Black by CheerNo
Pants - Satin Latex Pants in Purple by SN@TCH
Shoes - Gothic Platforms in Croc & Steel by LaPointe and Bastchild
Tears (not seen) - Provided by Dove Swanson

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh Yeah - And Happy Mother's Day.

White Death

SL refused to co-operate with me today; so I couldn't bring you the epic picture that I wanted. It was supposed to be me in this bloody fantastic new White Death armour from a store that I love, Wasabi Pills. And I was going to be fighting - well - myself in Khalon armour, one that was by MissAllSunday Lemon released a few months ago. It doesn't really need fancy photography though. Look how great it is. Just go get it. And if you only want the horns, then they'll be available seperately soon too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jedi Couture

Spellbound Header

Most of you probably know that I'm the marketing guy for Miamai by now, right? I always try to keep that work - which is barely work because I LOVE IT - off my own blog as I like to think that I provide an unbiased view of menstuff that I consider to be awesome. Consider this a disclaimer. But. I was the completely dumbstruck recipient of a BOSL Awards nomination for "Best New Model" (which Rissa Friller deservedly won) and you can't rock up at something like that in off the rack, can you? So I asked Monica (okay whined at her incessantly) if she could make something epic for us to wear to the event, and I told her about my love for the creations of Haider Ackermann. He's a Belgian designer that is simply the master of drapery, and I heart his work so hard. Moni had a look and took her own special view of his style and turned it into something that had me weak at the knees.


She knows just what I love, and so she sprinkled it liberally with high fashion spikes, sparkly black diamonds and a Gagaesque crown. Because me constantly wearing the last one she made pissed off Elusye so much.


It's going to be released in the Miamai store under the Black Label marque on the 30th of April - this weekend - and it's named Spellbound, so look out for it. I'm also in the Olja hair from LeLutKa and my beloved Brent skin from CheerNo.


The good news for the ladies is that Monica created a companion piece for herself to wear by my side, this is the breathtakingly daring Rapt.


She didn't know I was going to blog her, she thought I was just taking vendor shots. So be kind and everyone tell her how pretty she looks, please.


She is also wearing the Monica skin by Glam Affair that was named for her, and you can see almost all of it in these pics. This is also the new LeLutKa hair called SJ which is the one they released the other day that WASN'T the one on every second blog.

I promise this wasn't just one big ad for my boss, I freakin' LOVED these two designs and I would have blogged them no matter who made them, I swear. And just to finish this off I'm going to show you the emerging morphing talent of Strawberry Singh. She really wants you to ask her to make these kinds of pics, she does. Plus she threatened to kill me if I dared to post her backfired revenge.

Jefferson Dundee

Berry? That's not a stake. THIS is a stake!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let Me Show You My Boner

This was my lust have item of today;. I have to go to work soon for my LAST NIGHT SHIFT EVER so I'm throwing this at you fastball style.


This is Vladimir by Mayden Couture, available only at the headquarters for the Claim The Fame project by Kult Magazine. It's being filled each week with imaginative new creations from upcoming designers and the best part is that there is just as much for the guys as the girls.


I bought a few things like a gorgeous purple velvet suit and a Cthulthu av - tentacles are a well documented weakness of mine, what can I say? - and I'll be revisiting every week to see if there is anything even better then this to blog.

Thursday, April 21, 2011



I haven't battled in SL for ages - might break a nail or something, yanno? There's no need to worry about my manlycure any more though. I have been slathering over this gauntlet and bracer set, the "Redemption : Hands Of Fate" by [TCR] on Marketplace for a while now. They are CCS Enhanced with extra melee attack points, a built in curse that slows your opponent and is very low lag in a fighting situation.

But most importantly....


They are simply beautiful.


I love that in SL there is no need to sacrifice form for function.


I've also been wanting to blog this C-001 Military Style Sci-Fi Suit by Vanilla C Designs for a while also, I'm loving all over the figure hugging suppleness of this leather. I've bought a few of Vanilla's gothic style suits and when she released this I was quite happily surprised. She sent me a notecard asking if I'd like a review copy, but I'd already bought it a week earlier. Can't get a more genuine endorsement than that, can you? It also comes in a femme version ladies, and it's just as hot. I'm also wearing a facial tattoo from White Widow named Sun, I was lucky enough to win a giftcard to the lovely Julie Hasting's wonderful store a couple of months ago and I walked out with almost the entire inventory.... and still wanted more.


I'm finishing off with mine most beloved Brent skin by CheerNo, Apocalypse X hair from _ZION_ and eyes named The Hunger - Satiated by Insufferable Dastard.

And satiated is something that I will never, ever be. Never stop pushing out the wearable art please, Creators of Second Life. There's still a lot of us out here that love you for it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodness Gracious


Mild mannered blogger by day, this man has a dark secret. No, not the old vampire thing; another one. When his day's work is done at the office he becomes a total cliche and dresses up to fight crime. He morphs into the lethal, the intrepid, the amazingly well accessorised.....

F I R E C R O T C H !


Okay so I also tossed up the idea of "Butane Balls" and "Flame Tits" but you get the general idea. When Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch passed me her new items last week for the Little Big Shop Event (more on that in a bit) I did my usual thing of gibbering all over her in embarrassing fanboi glee and then wondered how the hell I was gonna make them work. It was going to take all my mad powers of styling - and yep that was it, that was the genesis of this look right there. The REAL fun part came in when I got to beat up Ronald McDonald for his shoes.


Seriously; do you have any idea of how hard it is to find a great sculpted cape in SL? I looked for a WEEK. And you may also notice with this entry that my pictures suck a little less than usual, that's because I'm now running a great new 2gig graphics card that made my computer quiver in fear when I waved the thing threateningly at it. So yay for shadows and a decent resolution FINALLY.


So to what I'm wearing.

The Combustible Brassiere - or in this case MANSSIERE - is also available in Monsoon and was created for the Little Big Shop event; this is a fundraising event to help provide water to people living in India and Africa where just one single dollar can give a child clean drinking water for an entire year. This TLBSE is also helping locally within SL; it's a programme where larger established stores can help mentor small new ones to develop their skills and networking/marketing knowledge. It opened on the 15th of April and runs right through to the 15th of May and its worth a visit if for no other reason than to admire the specially created artwork by some of SL's most creative minds.

Also Wearing!

Hair - Kaos in Nova Black by Vanity Hair
Glasses on Forehead - Goscan in Silver by GOS
Skin - Brent on Gold Base by CheerNo
Dark Makeup - MoMake2 by Monica Outlander of Miamai (Sorry this one is not for sale!)
Red Makeup - Cheek Stripes in Red by Nuuna's Skins
Bodysuit - BodyPOP in Yellow by CheerNo
Gloves and Legs - From the wondermous Spiral set by Gilded - thanks again Kras!
Boots - Margay in Yellow by Ordinary Design

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Second Glance

So this here blog o' mine was nominated for one of the Glance Fashion Awards for "Best Indy Male Fashion Blog"- THANK YOU! They were originally due to be held last weekend but due to a vastly amusing array of technical errors the original ceremony/televising was put off till this weekend. (Amusing to the partygoers anyways, probably more of a nightmare to the Glance staff - love your work.) In Cold Blood was up against some frighteningly talented guys such as Carthalis, Bronson, Ryan and James, Till and Laika of The SLipsters who quite deservedly won. This vampire was quite happy to just go along for the ride and the people watching... and by that I mean totally Blackwelling everyone in IM with Irving Daschund of SN@TCH. But it's anathema to a guy with my inventory size to be seen in public wearing the same thing twice, so I had to mix it up for the second week. First week's personal red carpet manifesto was "Dark Elegance."



Here I'm wearing the Couture Tuxedo from LaPointe and Bastchild with the Brent skin from CheerNo and Reject hair from rQ. I'm also having a hard time trying to NOT wear the Connor Prim Gloves from Miamai every single day, and to add some interest I bought the Duke Orellana Silk Cape from Los Texanos Beaux Arts and modded it up a bit to my taste.

For the second week? I just thought WHAT THE HELL and totally went Winter Jefferson.



If you didn't know I was a total Lady Gaga fan by now then this is the first time you've come across my blog, and then hai, be aware of the occasional F bomb, and yes that is mostly women's clothing I'm wearing. But when Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch released the Bad Romance coat for Chic Limited then I was all over it in nanoseconds. I'm upping the floof factor with the Irene hair from Boudoir, and wearing the Archelon necklace and piercings from Mandala. My make up is a custom from Miamai - sorry - but again I have on the Connor gloves, and also wearing the top from her Hine leggings as my belt. Pants are the Noxious Leggings from Osakki and it's all finished off with the Strapped Boots from my new boot obsession store, *LightStar*

And of course this is being posted just a few hours after Gaga released her video for "Born This Way." If you don't hear from me for a while don't worry; I'll just be camping on Faint's doorstep whining at her for shoulder implants and a full body skeleton tattoo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Your Guard

Guarded Cross 1

I'd heard of the menswear store Guarded Cross before, and I'd wandered in once before being distracted and getting yoinked away for some obscure reason... I think it was my kids playing with matches, or something equally unimportant... but it's not often that I'll buy casuals. My SL is all about the DRAMA BABY. But the other day I was in a multi designer fashion show hosted by the new agency Pasarella and I was handed two outfits by the designer Ryosukito Felisimo to style up and model. I tried them on, and I can genuinely say that I was astonished by the quality of the workmanship involved. Seamless, great texturing and interesting patterns and cuts. So much so that afterwards I went and bought up a whole stack more of his store.

Guarded Cross 2

And I'm highlighting Guarded Cross today for more than one reason. YES the clothes are made of several shades of awesome and you need them in your life, but also I did really bad in the show... heh... and I think I kinda owe him. Ryosukito took an unofficial video of the show which I've embedded here, and if you look at the 1:00 mark you can see where lag sends me into the laps of the front row.


Luckily I looked damn good. Oh yeah I'm calling it as such, haters to the left. All the Guarded Cross outfits in this post have been helped along in this proclamation with my Brent skin by CheerNo plus hair by Dura Boy, DROT and the innovative and fascinating sets of braids by Discord Designs. I also have the Ballistic Goggles by SISU Paramilitary and the Ankh Glasses by Sangre Noir, finished off with necklaces from n-creation and [M.R.M.]