Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strangelings Days Indeed

So I'm resuscitating this blog (which... to be honest... was deader than I am) to show you a fairly epic new thing in Second Life and beyond, the Strangelings.

 The Ozimals people that brought you the bunnies that we all know and love have evolved into a new company, Flying Monkey Interactive. Go ahead and click that link; you'll see some super familiar names. YEARS of development have gone into this by some brilliant talents. The Strangelings are a multi platform experience, involving an iPad and online game that will be released in more formats eventually... and they also have this SUPER ADORBS full mesh avatar that you can wear inworld, customisable to the billionth degree.There is this HUD which gives mad colour and pattern combinations, as well as a variety of spines, tails, legs and crowns. Rather than just throw a few boring pictures at you of it, I am going to link to my beloved friend Strawberry Singh's blog; she has made a machinima demonstrating all the features in living colour. In fact... if you were to stop reading this all together and just go gawk at her WAY better pictures I wouldn't blame you one bit.

Another bonus is that they have rebuilt the fantastic sim The Magic Of Oz in mesh! My pictures above are taken at various points of beauty and wonder around the sim, and it sets off the avatar perfectly. The avatar is just one part of this experience though. For those of you who love the breedable experience, its going to get taken to the next level.

Now... I have to admit something here. I'm a pretty crappy blogger as we all know already, I messed up with this post. There were 2 Q&A sessions regarding the Strangelings today, and I was not supposed to show you these avs before 10am on the 26th when they would be revealed. That's TooEffingEarly am for me on this timezone, so I wrote this and set it to autopost at 10am SLT. Yeah... it didn't. And I didn't realise until I got home from work just now. There WILL be more information forthcoming for those of you who are interested, and I know some details and ... I promise that this will be something very fascinating indeed.

So I'm not in time to urge you to go and attend the Q&A's, but all is not lost. I do have an avatar pack to give away, these babies are worth 2500l. To be in the draw, you need to do a few things. I'm going to steal Berry's rules here verbatim because my original ideas weren't great - Boob pics! The best limerick about owls! Boob pics! - and here's the process.

  • Sign up for Strangelings using my code: http://signup.strangelings.com/?lrRef=nwjTj
  • Once you have signed up, leave a comment in this post below using your full SL name and then inputting the email address you used to sign up for Strangelings into the “Mail” box when leaving the comment. Your email will not be published for everyone to see but I will have it to verify with FMI that you have signed up using my code. If you had already signed up using my code yesterday that I posted on plurk, just go ahead and leave a comment below with your full SL name and email in the mail section so I can enter you in the drawing as well.
  • I will input all of the names of the commenters into this website: http://www.random.org/lists which will assist me to choose a name randomly.
  • The first name in the list will be given the avatar by a FMI team member once their email is confirmed that it was registered using my code.
  • This contest ends on Wednesday at 07:00am SLT. I will input all the names into the website at that time and pick a winner and once the winner has received the avatar I will say who the winner is in the comments at the end. 

  • I urge you to go and 'splore the new Magic of Oz regardless of your interest in The Strangelings, as its taken the original wonder that it had and amped it. Emerald City in particular is an art deco marvel, and the witches castle is a triumph of how many penii can be fit onto one building. Okay it isn't REALLY but we've all figured out I'm not terribly mature by now, haven't we?

    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    It Aint Over...

    Several things.

    Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau dropped this Opera Hat on a few bloggers with a message that it is for the "You Go To My Head" Hunt. I don't know if she knew I was a guy... yeah yeah I know, it IS kinda hard to tell these days... but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The hair is by Exile and the pants by LaPointe and Bastchild, and you can see both of them better in this previous blog entry of mine.

    Plus. KirstenLee has a new viewer out - omg! Due to both an underpowered computer and crappy West Aussie cable internet I was never able to run the previous versions, but this one works for me. You can see how smooth the shadows are and the graphics controls are a dream. Go get it.

    Also. Rigged mesh shoulder length gloves - oh yeah. These are from Miamai and won't be out until the weekend and hell... I'm probably going to get pistolwhipped for showing them already. Even as artistically blurred as this shot is, yep. But they are called Rilla and come in 3 SS and a metric buttload of colours with 2 diff fabric textures. I should admit though that these are female gloves; I'm just doing my best to not flex the guns at all in this pic. Plus! Miamai is having a sale with items up to 80% off till October 1st and this does include menswear.I'll apologise in advance for the shrine like nature of the wall displays instore.

    Lastly... this is what Strawberry Singh looks like right now.

    ...you're welcome.

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    That Aint Livin' Barry!

    Tis a fairly boring weekend because my knee is still screwed up and there isn't a lot I can do in the RL right now, so I'm blogging the new things I attained today. Sure I ended up looking nothing like ME, but I still felt I wanted to splooge all over the feeds messily.

    You're welcome.

    This is a great new shirt from one of my oldest faves ever, SN@TCH. It's named Deck Crew and comes in boys and girls boobage. This is actually a grey shirt with black leathertype armbands but I played around in Aviary with these pics some, so... the colours shown here today are not true to how they appear inworld. Check with your optometrist before purchasing, as Deck Crew may not be right for you.

    Mesh leather pants from LaPointe and Bastchild? Yeah... I fatpacked these so fast and hard that the vendor still doesn't know what hit it. I've been wearing the system layer ones for a year and hoping they'd upgrade. I don't think you understand; these are compulsory vampire uniform. If you don't turn up at the Alaska winter parties in leather pants they don't let you play spin the bottle.

    You can see from my Marley Deer Bead necklace from Flightless that I managed to slur my way through The Arcade at the rate of one frame per 15 seconds. It was totally worth it though; even if just to watch Skittles scream when I managed to get the Glam Affair skin she had spent 4k trying to get on my very first spin.

    Speaking of skin, I finally talked myself into Tyler by Redgrave - remember when all the fashionistos went mad for it 6 weeks ago, and the pale pale vampire sat on the sidelines as per usual and watched everyone else blog it? Yeah stuff that. So its not new but I only got it today because there was a casting for a magazine, and I caved in under the terms of the mantra "I'M A MODEL AND I NEED SKINS." Remember that boys and girls; its a good way to justify... well pretty much anything you want.

    Lastly... the hair. The epic hair. Exile has come out with some boss new colour fusions and I love them all - today he released his first male hair in these shades. This is Broken Strings in the Mermaid fade and its subtle and gorgeous. I didn't even bother to demo this. When you know, you know.

    Couple more things... its my best friend Strawberry Singh's birthday today, and if you are so inclined then please go hassle her on her blog, her plurk, her twitter and if you have the talents, she's offering her pixels for a pile up. I've seen some really good ones so far, this one by Tyr Rozenblum shows off her inner beauty in multicoloured, googly eyed perfection.

    Lastly... good god; this really is a lot of words for a supposedly "quick blog"... I'm also now a stylist slash photog in AVENUE magazine- WOOO!  If you are at all interested, you can find my spread on pages 114 - 125 but make sure you linger over the ... uhh... better ones before and after mine. I'm still getting the hang of editorial photography, so far I've pretty much just been blogging for a big page. Watch for a few more issues after this because by then I'll be able to cut heads, limbs and kneecaps off my pics and make it look like it was MEANT to be that way... as all the real fashion photogs do.

    Saturday, September 1, 2012

    Time Out

    Time Out 1

    Time Out_015

    Time Out_019

    Time Out_031

    ....featuring the epic Male Fleshsuit from Curio Obscura, the Miami Linen Pants in Army by *BOOM*, Tidal hair from Exile, Twilight Gold Eyes from NoirOptix, HISmokes by HISpose ...

    ... plus a smartarse vampire in the Edward Glitter Edition skin from Redgrave who can laugh at himself harder than anyone else can.


    Sunday, August 26, 2012


    ONE! One vampire fanboi paying tribute to a fallen colleague! 


    TWO! My two children loved you as well! 


    THREE! Three generations all around the world whose lives you touched.

    Ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh!

    Rest thee well, Jerry Nelson. We can't count the ways you'll be missed.


    Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    Gaga Gala

    Okay - if you've ever even looked at my blog, my flickr, my plurkline or even just said hello to me in passing; you'll know one thing.

    I love Lady Gaga.

    Oh yes - I really am that mainstream and I'm completely unashamed of it. I've never pretended to be cool, just... cold.

    I have a problem though. I'm finally getting to see her in concert this Saturday night - omg omg omg - and it hit me hard the other day. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR? It's easy for me as Winter - he has flaming bras, polar bear coats and kermit jackets up the ying yang -  but not so much for the poor bastard whose head he has taken over. I have been seriously eyeing off everything in the house and office this week wondering if there's any way I could turn it into couture. My cat just doesn't feel safe any more.

    Luckily... I can just get on my baddest Monster self right here. 

    Gaga Blog 2

    I've willfully and somewhat guiltily deconstructed the Cascade dress from Epoque that was only available at the Blur installation two years ago, and edited what's left of it to match my glasses from Chic Zafari. Obviously you can no longer buy this item - sorry! - but the Warrior hair that I'm wearing also from Epoque is part of the current sale, all hairs half price.

    Gaga Blog 3

    On my bottom half it's all Ladies Who Lunch. Faint Paulse also gets it, and I'm wearing her mesh Laurella pants and Troopa boots. Finishing up my Little Monster Mash I'm in Damon skin from Tableau Vivant, Poker gloves from CheerNo, lipstick from Sorry.Asia and the Famous Lady ring from LaGyo.

    Gaga Blog 1

    Actually after posting this I may have some inspiration after all. Time to raid the kid's lego box!

    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    What's Your Digits? Redux

    So mine beloved white hole Strawberry Singh asked us around this time last year to share our vital statistics, and of course me being me I shared... just the one. It said "9.5"

    Referring to the length of my hair at the time, of course.

    Berry has reconsidered and reposted the digits challenge this year to see how much of a community impact the onset of mesh has had. Occasionally - if pressed - I can take things seriously, so this year I've chipped in.


    I used the avatar ruler that she suggested, and it had the smartarsedry to tell me that I was humongous for a human but suitable to be a hill giant avatar. Uhh.. yes, that or a motherlovin' VAMPIRE MODEL, sunshine. Berry also asked some questions about how we felt in regards to co-existing with mesh.

    How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

    I love some aspects of mesh; I love it rigged in hair because finally I get to wear the long male styles that I've craved. (Ignore the fact that I'm wearing a beehive in the picture above.) I like the way that pants can fall properly and sit around the ankles in a well formed shape, rather than tacking on prim cuffs that usually stretch out the texture of the system layer. I do have personal issues with the fit; being such a long torso I find that fitted jackets cut into my hips. I can avoid this by wearing the larger, bulkier sizes, but then I lose my own slimline shape.

    My largest issue with it is a rant that I've mentioned several times in public now. It really cuts down on my options and therefore stifles my creativity. Why is that? BOOBS. Boobs can be a very, very good thing. Just... not on me. I've always taken women's clothing and adapted it to fit; this is how I got through the years 2008-2010 when there was almost a complete dearth of anything in menswear that was bright, fashionable and well made all at once. Now everything femme with a mesh top is out of bounds, and almost all the pants too. I get no leeway at all now; no resizing and modding to fit - and its super frustrating being kicked back to sulk in just the men's side of the store.

    Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?

    Not my everyday shape! I waltz around being me and then when something new and meshy comes up, I tweak myself to fit. Not a full  body change, just tucking in bits that may otherwise give me a muffintop. I'm happy and secure in my shape, and I don't have any issues with adjusting the non-essential parts to fit.

    Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?

    I am super looking forward to the deformer. It won't fix my main frustration, I don't need to be walking around with two empty bags where chesticles should normally go. But for fitting things to myself that are meant to be for a male? Yes please. Shirts especially; so far I've been avoiding things that are supposed to show the shape of the body and sticking to system layers for this - and reserving mesh for shaped items like jackets. You can't beat an all in one shirt with collar and sleeves though.

    I've copped a fair bit of flack about my ridiculous height in the past as well as my - what was it, Dove Swanson? - "ape like arms and shoulders with the wingspan of a condor" - but that's my problem really, and its something that I have to deal with when I'm looking for poses to fit. I have been known to flounder in doorways, sink through floors and get caught in low hanging branches of trees... but its a really small price to pay when you can just pick the ladies up and sling them over one shoulder without even breaking a sweat.

    And none of them ever seem to complain about it either.

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    Once Upon A Dream

    Just a few tastes of the new; some assorted luciousness that found it's way into my life this weekend.

    Fairy Tales 3 small

    The new Cachet Hair from LeLutKa, meant for girls... I guess. Does anyone else remember when this brand used to be called Cachet? This comes in three styles, but the one that made me stop in my tracks was this pony, mesh heaven rigged to move with you.

    Also, I now happily own this Maelle Shoulder Jewellery from Indy & Co. It comes in three different configurations of chains, and in a fullbright option. The earrings from from Pididdle; I have had these for a long time but they needed to be worn with this.

    Fairy Tales 2 Small

    From the epic Fairy Tales in 2012 event - these 2 lusts. This Damon skin by Tableau Vivant. It's chalky and creamy all at the same time and comes in six makeups - I decided to not wear the vampy one, can you believe it? 

    Fairy Tales 1

    Oh look; what a surprise. Winter's in a skirt again.  Could you blame me though? I have long admired Irie Campese of So Many Styles' aesthetic, but I've never been able to buy her clothes. I saw this haunting item at the Fairy Tales sim, and decided on a whim to try it on. I don't think I'll ever take it off, and it was a dream to shoot. Look at the way it moves!

    I had been hoping that someone would make some really kickass male boots - Puss, hello? - but  I can hold out until the next year. It will take me that long to pick out all of these glass splinters from between my toes anyway.

    DAMNIT, when's it gonna be MY turn to be a Princess?

    Monday, June 11, 2012


    I like to think that after almost 6 years in SL I'm fairly well travelled. However today my partner Eve asked me if I'd been to 2 Fish yet, I hadn't. Should we go now?  "Great!" said the ignorant vainpyre "I love Dr Suess!"

    It wasn't Dr Seuss.

    I was very unprepared.

    After arriving and having a quick look around and delighting in the whimsical build "The Inevitability of Fate" I complimented the creator Rose Borchovski on how amazing it was. We mentioned my photos for a moment and I blithely commented back how I hoped I could do it justice. Eve and I wandered the sim, jumping on poseballs and snapping pictures. Then she asked if I had the sound on. I hadn't until then, so I did. And that's when everything snapped into place, and made shocking sense.

    2 Fish Blog 1

    I still took a few of my substandard photos which I'm posting here, tiling issues and all. But I also turned off photographer eye and absorbed what was happening, the tale that was being told. It's interactive in that there are poses in all the installations so you become part of the history, plus there are triggers that when you walk through them, they hand you props and items to wear. There was more than one spot that was overwhelming and I came very close to having to leave. I have never been affected by a sim in Second Life like I have this one.

    2 Fish Blog 2

    2 Fish Blog 3

    2 Fish Blog 4

     I don't want to talk about it too much as I feel it's better off experienced rather than read about on my shallow fashion blog.  But you should go, you really should. Just be prepared to be challenged and leave yourself time to think. I myself took away from it a new perspective, and a reminder of what's important. You can also see Eve's view on the installation here.

    Thank you, Rose Borchovski.

    P.S. this post is dedicated to Craig, with best wishes for your recovery.

    Sunday, May 27, 2012


    So my main modelling agency Avenue asked me if I'd teach a masterclass - their words, not mine! - on styling.

    I wrote and presented my hour long lecture, and within that time I made the class do evil, unforgiveable things. Sure they had a purpose behind them, but it was also great for the lulz. You haven't lived until you've made a class full of weeping models go back to Ruth status. But of course the pressure was on for me to look like some fierce and fabulous GOD OF FASHION. And this is what I wore. I added a hat at the last minute after I took these pics... but I'm happy to leave it off for this post.




    Because you should always start with the basics... and if sequinned chartreuse hotpants aren't a staple for any wardrobe? I don't know what is.



    Hair - Whisky in White by LoQ
    Skin - Ryan in Tone 02 by Tableau Vivant
    Makeup - Lips in Homicidal by Pekka, Eyes in Mai Line by Boom
    Jacket - Vega Mesh Jacket in Black by [sYs]
    Hotpants - Shorts in Sequins Gold by Chic Zafari
    Ring - Be Careful in Silver by LaGyo
    Tights - Nemore in Black by Miamai

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Guest Starring Barbarella and Captain Pickles

    I thought I'd try something different today to show off these two beautiful Fantasy Faire items, so these are some candid unposed (AO only) uncropped shots taken at Memento Mori at Chouchou V.

    Memento Mori

    Meaning that the lovely Eve Petlyakov and I just went and sort of fucked around climbing stairs and I took pics when she wasn't looking... and called it a blog.

    Memento Mori 3

    Don't be alarmed on her behalf, I got her verbal permission to post pictures of her boobs.

    Memento Mori 2

    What you can see in these pictures - this is the magnificent Fallen Gods Feathers skin in Dove : Ghost - I'm in the XY and Eve is in the XX, of course. I have on the new Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills in Powder, one of the new whites which I am LOVING. These items are only currently available at the Fantasy Fair "The Tides" sim, and the skin is an RFL special. This hair in a different shade is also available as an RFL donation item. Non fair items - Eve's wings are from Bare Rose and mine are a Miamai custom - boy I bet you HATE it when I do that - but you can buy a similar one named Icarus for both men and women.

    The Fantasy Faire runs from April 21-29 and together these creators Alia Baroque and MissAllSunday Lemon made a free low lag avatar set that you can pick up at the central teleport point on any of the sims. I have to go back to the Faire later on during the week to fulfill a yearly tradition that I have - HI EVIE MILES! - and I'll find some more manstuffs to blog. But don't wait for that, go look yourself. It's worth it for all the lovely elves/succubi/mermaids/gladiatrix to perve on.

    Monday, April 9, 2012

    We Hope You Will Enjoy The Show

    Just a super quick LOTD, because I found this Captain Stirling jacket from a tiny little store named Cup of Crown and I immediately went dizzy over it.


    I could very easily have fallen down the Sargeant Pepper route but instead I felt had to team it up with this quiffalicious new Shag hair, Suedehead. It looks great on the ladies too, just go perve on Vaki rocking it hardcore. I gave it a bit more pointiness with the tattoo layer sideburns from Miamai. By the way Google Overlords, I think I've typed in "Miamai" enough times for you to stop autochanging it to Miami now, whaddya say?


    My skin is a Tableau Vivant - as it pretty much always is - and this is Adam. The Strapped Boots are from Light*Star and I'll be honest, I modded the buttons to get them the nice shiny gold to match my jacket. Light*Star don't have demos but I have bought around a dozen items off them now and have never been disappointed.


    Wrapping up this post that wasn't really meant to have any words with it - my pleated trousers are from the Strigoi set by Schadenfreude, every single time I climb up into the elephant's butt I leave with great new stuff. (Things You Only Ever Say In SL #23097.) Gloves are Coco, the vampire ring I never take off is from Earthstones, the piercings are Mandala. The blog is presented to you by a vampire who was determined to take a break from SL for at least a couple of months but sucks really, really badly at anything involving willpower. Plus he may have found a great reason to keep logging in.

    SLink's new male mesh feet, of course.

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

    ...Is The Word

    So I created these pics for something that I totally chickened out of. Like... 6 weeks ago? I thought I'd try and work with a palette of creamy pastels and dreamy lighting. This was my attempt at being artistic, editorial and doing something completely out of my own ouevre.

    And then I went and stuck dead birds on my back.

    The Word 2

    The Word 3

    The Word 4

    The Word 1

    This post is dedicated to my beloved White Hole. She knows why. <3

    What Winter Is Wearing

    Hat - With Bees In Her Breath by Split Pea
    Hair - Raquella in Hot 09 by Raw House
    Skin - Vincent in January by Tableau Vivant
    Necklace - Narke by RunoRuno
    Wings - Couture Birdie Jacket by Boudoir, worn backwards
    Gloves - Soft Leather Gloves in Ivory by Mentine
    Shorts - Hallie Pants in Cream by Skin Flicks
    Leggings - Milda in White by Miamai, tinted
    Table - Needful Things by Tableau Vivant

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    My Turn!

    Whore Banner


    So like there's this Whore Couture Festival that's just opened, right? And I was super excited to see it, coz slutwear is usually so under represented on the feeds. I mean like, no one blogs it everrrrr. And I had been just bursting to let my inner manwhore out, I mean I'm usually totally demure and frigid and stuffs.* So I was all like I wanna join in too!


    Can you believe that I already owned everything in this post apart from my tongue and facial decoration? You can? I don't know if I really got the look down right though; I'm sadfacing pretty hardcore about that, you'd be able to tell from my super downturned lips if I had closed them in the past year or so. I just couldn't get my thighs to spread more than a foot apart like the other bloggers.

    Whore Face

    Kiss kiss?


    So Bouncer Criss and I dared each other on plurk to out slut each other. Or something, I was too busy hunting the feeds for that vagina lollipop to pay any real attention. Watch his blog, I'm sure he'll blow mine efforts out of the water soon. And seriously - the Whore Couture Fair does seem to have some pretty fun stuff out. I'm not judging, swear - just having fun.

    *Just ignore what the Alura Times was saying about me. That was so NOT me on the floor underneath Monica, Takeshi and Rusch.

    Monday, January 16, 2012


    Trying something new, as I've just started on three weeks worth of holidays.

    Don't worry, it won't be long before your regularly scheduled vampire reappears... complete with poorly taken photos, pretensions to masculinity and "witty" ramblings.





    What Winter Is Wearing

    Hair - Boyfriend in My Little Pony by Lamb
    Skin - Adam in Tone 1 No Brows by Tableau Vivant
    Eyes - Sunrise in Pale Silver by Fashism
    Makeups - The Brow in Pink by PaperBag
    - Parted Lips in 1 by [Tuli]
    - Lipstick 01.01 by R.Icielli
    - Eyeliner in 01 by Miamai
    Tattoo - Cubico by La Malvada Mujer
    Pants - Double Cross in Pink by PaperBag
    Shoes - Pretender in Passionfruit by Ladies Who Lunch
    Poses - All by Del May