Sunday, March 25, 2012

...Is The Word

So I created these pics for something that I totally chickened out of. Like... 6 weeks ago? I thought I'd try and work with a palette of creamy pastels and dreamy lighting. This was my attempt at being artistic, editorial and doing something completely out of my own ouevre.

And then I went and stuck dead birds on my back.

The Word 2

The Word 3

The Word 4

The Word 1

This post is dedicated to my beloved White Hole. She knows why. <3

What Winter Is Wearing

Hat - With Bees In Her Breath by Split Pea
Hair - Raquella in Hot 09 by Raw House
Skin - Vincent in January by Tableau Vivant
Necklace - Narke by RunoRuno
Wings - Couture Birdie Jacket by Boudoir, worn backwards
Gloves - Soft Leather Gloves in Ivory by Mentine
Shorts - Hallie Pants in Cream by Skin Flicks
Leggings - Milda in White by Miamai, tinted
Table - Needful Things by Tableau Vivant

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Turn!

Whore Banner


So like there's this Whore Couture Festival that's just opened, right? And I was super excited to see it, coz slutwear is usually so under represented on the feeds. I mean like, no one blogs it everrrrr. And I had been just bursting to let my inner manwhore out, I mean I'm usually totally demure and frigid and stuffs.* So I was all like I wanna join in too!


Can you believe that I already owned everything in this post apart from my tongue and facial decoration? You can? I don't know if I really got the look down right though; I'm sadfacing pretty hardcore about that, you'd be able to tell from my super downturned lips if I had closed them in the past year or so. I just couldn't get my thighs to spread more than a foot apart like the other bloggers.

Whore Face

Kiss kiss?


So Bouncer Criss and I dared each other on plurk to out slut each other. Or something, I was too busy hunting the feeds for that vagina lollipop to pay any real attention. Watch his blog, I'm sure he'll blow mine efforts out of the water soon. And seriously - the Whore Couture Fair does seem to have some pretty fun stuff out. I'm not judging, swear - just having fun.

*Just ignore what the Alura Times was saying about me. That was so NOT me on the floor underneath Monica, Takeshi and Rusch.