Saturday, January 26, 2013


Most important thing first - HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!


Coming very soon to Ikebana. 


Sparkly mesh unicorn horns that shoot out temp rez cupcakes. Or hearts. And lightning bolts too apparently. I'm trying to persuade the creator to work in a double rainbow too, but she kept wanting to know what it meant.

And why is this coming soon? Because sparkly unicorn horns that shoot out cupcakes and lightning bolts, that's why. 

Accourse the only things even approaching awesome enough to go with this horn are this brand new Clumsy hair by Magika, and this delicious Fucking Unicorns tank top by A:S:S.


I made it onto the Second Life homepage again! There is no greater thrill or honour than being allowed to smear my pasty face all over your screen when you are trying to enjoy your morning coffee. If you go visit, remember to log out. Then you can see the gorgeous pics submitted by Eve PetlyakovSkankberry Singh, Harper Beresford, Harlow Heslop, Zaara Kohime and Arkansas Sorbet. 


A heartfelt thank you to the people who offered their feels on the previous post, both in the comments and on plurk. OH and that one email that I got from Berry too. But it all came from people that I respect and admire, and I will get onto that bunny slipper challenge soon, Madame Law.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey... quick question. Do you guys;  yes you, the three people who still visit my blog after five years of blogging -  HI MUM! - mind if I blog casual menswear occasionally? Or are you more like - hell no. We go to Bouncer, siXX, Chance and Bronson for that; when we come here we expect the freakshow. How dare you. HOW VERY DARE YOU SIR.

Because if this is the case, lemme know eh? I'm trying out this thing where I'm attempting to convince myself that I don't have to dial every single blogpost up to eleven.

Phoenix Test_016


Phoenix Test_027

Mandala mesh Hutuu ears. They are something else, aren't they? I couldn't wear the first incarnation because they had crosses on them. I'll suffer for fashion, but not to the extent where my ears burst into flames.

Ruy hair by Taketomi. I'm not overly convinced by these textures. They are interesting but I think they'll take me a while to accept, just as Burley ones by the same creator did. This style is love though.

Then there's the Double Vest Plaid Date by Exiled Inc. I couldn't find an inworld for them, but I was pretty impressed when I saw this on Marketplace. It's cleverly layered, and it has some real volume which is probably the thing I like best about mesh.

Deadwool are back as I gleefully noted a few posts ago when I blogged some wicked formal shoes.  These are the Lahood pants, and that gathered cord around my leg is HUD colour change.

That's pretty much it... my skin is as pretty much always by Tableau Vivant. My bracelet is Earthstones, shoes which are just out of shot - sorry - are these, and they fit nicely under the pants. Feel free to give your feedback by hitting up the comments on this post, inworld or just ripping the crap out of me on plurk. Any attention is good attention, right?

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Susa Bubbles have caught a fish...

While they admire how big it is, the fish dies. They wonder if they are to blame. - Rose Borchovski

The Susa Bubbles are back in Rose Borchovski's latest installation: The Arrival of The Fish. The interactive exhibit allows you to to explore the plight of the Susas as they struggle to understand their role in the death of a fish. 

There is quite a bit to see, hear, and touch as well as a few gifts along the way. My suggestion: Touch everything, zoom in everywhere...find where you fit in. Because you will. 

If you fall you can always run to the nearest umbrella for a ride back up. It's also handy for exploring the sculptures floating away from the main installation. I have taken more photos at The Arrival of The Fish installation and they can be seen on my flickr page.

For more of Rose's past work check out Iono Allen's YouTube account for his latest machinima of the heartbreaking installation, The Inevitability of Fate. Winter and I experienced this together, and you can read his words about it in this recent post. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


So as I threatened in my post last week - MORE BLOGGING MORE OFTEN!

Except... know that bit when you are on your posestand and all your lighting is finally set up perfectly, all graphics settings are on superultramegaforce, your prims are adjusted and you snap one single pic and then decide you need a ring or something to finish your quick LOTD off...

.... so you double click that item but your inventory says LOLNOPE and dramatically throws an LM under that same spot you were clicking?


So just one picture today then.


Renne Horns by The Plastik
Game hair by Dura
Marilyn skin by Tableau Vivant
Layered Cardigan by Ducknipple Mesh
Henninger Jeans by Ladies Who Lunch