Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is how you may see me dressed, maybe in over a thousand years time when I'm a very old vampire.


I'll still be able to pull the chicks like this though, right? Just because I may have to get them to open their own veins for me...

Granpa 2

Or rather - I found this skin "Accursed Experience" by Pulse in the depths of my skinbins as I was sorting inventory - quelle horreur! - and decided to throw something together around it. Scarily, I already had all these items. I couldn't pull the pants up to just under my armpits, so it's not as realistic as it should be.


Oh, who am I kidding. We all know that I'm going to be rocking a combover, and still attempting to stuff my drooping tackle into the tightest leather pants I can worm my way into.... buying drinks and smiling hopefully and desperately at all the eighteen year olds at the nightclubs.

Stake me before I get that pathetic, please.

Wearing -

Hat - Houndstooth Fedora by Akeyo
Skin - Accursed Experience by Pulse
Glasses - Fifty by primOptic
Eyes - Expressive Eyes Blue 2 by Unique Megastore
Scarf - Wide Scarf by Mr Poet - you need this, and it's free.
Shirt - Turtleneck in Cream by Boom
Cardigan - Long Knit Gown by Kiitos
Pants - Houndstooth Green by Meriken
Shoes - Leather Loafers by HoC
Cane - Gentleman's Walking Stick by Adjunct

Thursday, July 8, 2010


There's been some really nice things said about me this week; Hamlet Au on NWN called me a "master of male avatar fashion" and Icon Magazine called me the Style Icon for this month. I'm not bragging, really. I just feel insane guilt as there is an important aspect of fashion that I suck at.


Plus I have big self imposed issues with blogging one of my casual everyday non-OTT type looks. Everything I decide to bother you lot with publically has to be amped up to eleven. So I dared myself to tackle both of these issues head on... with the added proviso that I also had to shop purely from my own inventory.

I'm a masochist, aren't I?


Hair - Cassie II in Startled White by Fri.Day
Eyes - Sky by Hermony
Glasses - Slash by Kumaki Style
Skin - Thomas in Med 2-E by Belleza
Necklace and Bracelet - Brimstone by Shine
Cardy - Men's Lace Parka in Brown by Bare Rose
Shirt - Daniel Hemp Shirt in Grey by Phoenix Rising
Pants - Skull Leather Pants by Sangre Noir
Ring - Spooktacular by Exodi
Shoes - Terra in Brown by Kalnins