Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Avid was one of my favourite design houses in SL, mainly because of the super realistic, butter soft leather that Darwin Mizser creates. She knows how to dress me when I'm in one of my "Okay, maybe I'd better have a day where I don't look like the problem child of the Vampire clan" moods. I'll be completely honest though, the last few male releases have been fairly disappointing, Black Snake especially. So just last week I was swearing to Dove and Lawless that I would never be buying another Avid ensemble again.

You people just love proving me wrong, don't you?


"Love's Mutineer" had me racing to the store and buying blindly before the texture had even rezzed, thank goodness I landed at the men's section or who knows what I would have ended up with? A minute, intensely critical review of every tiny prim and leather fold still had me cackling happily. Plus it comes with a rapier. (I've never been a cutlass man, too bulky to accessorise properly.) There's several configurations of the top, you can have it with or without the vest - but the vest looks so damn good there's no real reason to wear it like that. Unless it's to show off the delicate detail in this lace shirt.


When it comes down to man's most important decision - which are cooler, pirates or ninjas? - there has never been any hesitation for me. As pirates get wenches. And "International Talk Like a Ninja Day" would just be an epic fail. So I was happily swinging around the lines of the Black Sparrow and telling several ladyfriends in IM that I was now Captain Winter of the Blood Seas, scurvy vampire buccaneer. Funnily enough they were all still on my friend's list when I logged in just now. I needed to complete the ensemble, as every Jack Sparrow fan knows a pirate is nothing without his hat. So I turned to the Bard's Hat from Illusions, and whilst I was there I replaced the boots that came with this ensemble with the Cavalier Boots. Which was a damn good thing in the end, whilst taking these photos I accidentally let off one of the cannons which are just out of shot. I heard a boom, and I don't know if it really had any effect on any of the other ships in port... but all of a sudden all the surrounding green dots on my minimap starting converging on me. So these boots helped me with the tactic that all the best sea skirmishes are won by. I hauled up my anchor and I ran like fuck.

Grid co-ordinates 145, 158, 23. I think I sunk their battleship.



  1. ok...that outfit is to die for!...Yar!

  2. as a orphan pirate who was raised by ninjas, i have to say....ha, i knew you'd be back at Avid!

  3. "Grid co-ordinates 145, 158, 23. I think I sunk their battleship."


    The detail and layers within the coat look particularly spot on and the rapier hangs off the belt nicely in a fairly natural way.

    For the record I've always leaned towards the ninja side of the force but have since moved on to my wandering vagabond and ronin, Jubei Kibagami persona.

    Excellent Find.


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