Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vincent's Price

Vincent Banner 1

So I have a fairly ironclad rule of never logging in before work/getting the kids to school.

But. When Aida Ewing and M4ri1yn Magic of the new label Tableau Vivant release an incredible new skin named Vincent that all the fashionistos are parading on plurk... then it's okay to just push the offspring out of the car to the classroom when I've slowed down to about 20kph or so, right? *

Vincent Faces 1

This skin... I'm in love. It has no less than 12 body tones, ranging from this amazingly vampy pale right up to a drow black and stopping at all the conceivable tones of flesh in between. My faves are October which is this deep chocolate above, April for every day wear which is the one I'm wearing with the Blue Spray makeup and also this gorgeous burnished bronze November which I've never seen in a skin before.

Vincent Bodies 1

This is just a small taste of the tones; the graduations between each month are subtle yet defining and there's going to be at least one in the right shade for you. They are only 990l each and you get bald and hairbase in each pack, so it's terrific value. There is also a great range of add ons available like complementary makeups, beards and teeth.

Stop reading. Go get.

* No children were actually harmed in the creation of this blog. Just the teachers they landed on.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alone In A World That's So Cold

Prince Blog Header it was just one more of those mornings where you put on new hair and think "Oh god I look like Prince AGAIN today."

Prince Blog 2

Surely I can't be the only one this happens to?

Prince Blog 1

I finally managed to break my month long crash-every-single-effing-time-I-take-a-photo hoodoo which is partially to blame for the fact that my blog turnaround is something like three weeks between posts now. Thank heavens for alts with almost zero inventory, eh?

Prince Blog 3


What The Artist Formerly Known As Winter Is Wearing.

Hair - Folie d'Ete in Noir by Vanity Hair
Skin - Shawn in Deep Tan 9-E by Belleza
Eyes - Black in Small by Fashism
Jacket - Spleen in Purple by Miamai
Ring - Archelon in Style 2 by Mandala
Gloves - Poker Gloves in Black by CheerNo
Pants - Satin Latex Pants in Purple by SN@TCH
Shoes - Gothic Platforms in Croc & Steel by LaPointe and Bastchild
Tears (not seen) - Provided by Dove Swanson