Friday, March 20, 2009

Rfyre's Bytterwynds

This is what this post would look like if it were taken from the House of Rfyre blog.

Raven was busying herself, when she heard a noise coming from her studio. She looked up in startlement, grabbed her dagger and stealthily made her way up the stairs. She crept through the door, made ready to pounce - then stopped. "Oh, no..." she groaned. "Who the hell let YOU in here?" The white haired vampire stopped rummaging through the reams of fabric, looked up and grinned. "Don't you think it's about time you started making these things in pink?" Raven shook her head in bemusement, turned on her heel and walked from the room muttering "I've got to get the exterminators in..."

Good luck keeping me away from these kilts, though. This is Bytterwynds, the Highland warrior set that was created a couple of months ago in plaid. It's just been released in a gorgeous moss green, a subtle tan and this deep sexy black. The black at the moment is only available at the RFL show at the Rfyre stand on the Black Sea sim that they are sponsoring, and no word yet on it's general release.

Bytterwynd 3

You can see the amazing detail in the celtic knotwork throughout this whole design. The studs have the sheen of age embedded into this black leather.

Bytterwynd 4

The best thing about these sets is that they come with plenty of options. There are two lengths of kilt, a shoulder scarf, a choker, three styles of tunic and five lengths of pants - bootcut and regular. You also get these wicked arm bands with or without the daggers.

Bytterwynd 2

If you aren't a freak for kilts... then what are you doing on my blog? No, seriously - the leggings that come with these sets aren't your usual cut corner glitch pants, and you can wear them as a configuration quite happily. There's no detail lost in the lacings or the leatherwork.

Bytterwynd 1

This is a quality set all round, and you need this in your life. You can get the moss and the tan at the Rfyre mainstore. But if you want the black before everyone else make sure you go to the RFL clothing fair, as it's only open for a few more days.

Also shown - the new Miguel skin from Belleza, which I'll be featuring soon.
Lynne hair by Exile, created for the Victoria Bushfires Appeal.
Boots are from SFD, LaPointe and Bastchild, and Eclipse Development.



  1. I really enjoy your posts... but i have to say you look GREAT on kilts!

  2. It's all about the textures. I hate things that look painted on, and these certainly don't. Great textures, and just enough prims to pull in the depth. Nicely done. And well worn. (insert winking smiley here)

  3. great post but I wanna see more skin!

  4. gods you are way too sexy rawr

  5. Oh my.. who would have known that vampire slinking around RFyre would turn into such a full blooded male? Purrrrr. Thank you, Winter ;)

  6. i almost bought that green one for St Patricks, I liked it and kept staring at my inventory to find suitable stuff to wear with one of the 2 greens, but then I crashed and couldnt relog for the rest of the evening...

    Still might tho, cuz ya gotta LOVE men in kilts!

  7. Great job on this one Winter. This outfit is so very you :-)


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