Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainbow Koi

I'm a sucker for the unusual and beautiful in SL. And why not, we have that other place for boring things we have to say, wear and do right? So when Selos Dae of TRAP releases a new skin I'm there in hours regardless. But when it's this amazing?


Positioning. Target in sights. Locked. Loaded. Acquired. I think it took 47 seconds after seeing the feeds.


This is a re-release of the Koi skin that Selos originally created for the Harajukubox Skin Faire of '08. I bought this blue, and my soul cried when I couldn't afford the fatpack. As it was an exclusive for three days only.


I wore this skin everywhere for weeks. And I was so thrilled to have an almost unique creation, but at the same time sad that this work of art would be mostly lost to the light of day. Selos recently asked on Flickr if the owners of this skin minded if it was released on new colours. Avarice warred with my sense of justice...and godamnit. The good side won. So I and the other people who were lucky enough to get this originally gave their yea.


The rewards are evident. Each day - the grid gets just a little more breathtaking. And a more fantastical place to be.

The skin is 1500l and you get 2 shades in each pack. This is the Rainbow/Fae pack, and you also get clothing layer options for covering your bits. I decided to use them and spare you that today. There's 5 tones, from the white to this drow shade. All eyes in this post are by Ruina Kessell of House of Ruin, all poses by Dove Swanson of [LAP] and the hair is SUMMON WINTER by Helena Stringer of the Stringer Mausoleum. And yes, I'm still capitalising that name. Deal with it.



Don't be scared, SAY IT.