Friday, March 27, 2009

Fnuff Is Enough

Burnt Cookie Fnuff.

Yes, that's actually the name of this av.

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After seeing Achariya's Griffin post of last week, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I moseyed on down to Tokushi's Avatars myself. It took me a week. Damn, what a waste. I've never before slept on a purchase, but the only thing that stopped me from CLEANING OUT THE ENTIRE VENDOR was the fact that these were 900l each. And even now I'm planning on going back for the Anubis. And the Dragon. And the Wolfhound. And possibly even the Armadillo...

It has an included HUD, and with that you can adjust eye colour, facial expression and the tail and ear positions. It comes with this shape, the best way to wear it - as well as a female and a male one for those who prefer to go without the digigrade arms and legs. For me that's most of the fun. It's also a challenge to wear clothes like this, but I couldn't resist the urge to Winter him up a little.

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Normally I'd get all annoyed and stuffs if you said I was "cute..." but even I have to admit that I went "Squeeee!" upon log in, having forgotten that I was wearing this when I logged out. Not my little girl though, she was most insistent that I was scary, and she wanted to see Winter again. Because Vampires are less scary than imaginary creatures apparently modelled after a Walt Disney possum dream, obviously.

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Okay, so I'm not a Fur. But some things are just too... damn.... cool. And that's what SL is all about, right? The Cookie Fnuffs come in 6 different colours - flavours, really - and I came very close to buying the bright pink one with rainbow sprinkles. I think I'm skirting the far reaches of masculinity enough with the Burnt one though. There's a variety of fantastical creatures, and Elusyve bought the Qwhilla which she'll be posting too. 900l is a hard hit, agreed. But the workmanship, colours, scripts, and just plain joyful imagination which has been poured into each one makes it worthwhile. And with a little bit of effort you can customise them to make them into your vision. It hit me afterwards that the Fnuff resembled the character "Stitch" - so if you see a short brown dude in a pink hawaiian shirt at the Rainbow Tiger or The Ark during the week chances are that's gonna be me.

And I have to give props whilst I'm here to Harper Beresford of the House of Rfyre for taking my own words and completely owning me with them on yesterday's post. I'd still be "preening" today if I wasn't laughing so damn hard.


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  1. Fashion info plox? I must know where to purchase the lovely purple coat :nods:


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