Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's-a me! Mario!

Last night Winter took me to Electrobit City, an 8-bit wonder of the SLworld! For all avatars of the Nintendo generation, Electrobit city is run by an amazing team of 8-bit fanatics. They have created a few areas (some still under construction) where people can navigate through parts of the Mario universe in the more modern...

...and 8-bit style. These areas are complete with sound effects from the game and iconic Mario characters. We're trying not to show too much as there are some really fun things to discover. In the future it's looking like there will be some RP opportunities in the 2D-3D community and well!

 Once you land take a moment to adjust. I highly recommend clicking the flashing pole when you arrive and take the tutorial to learn how to navigate. There's a fun prize for completing it. There's also something fun in the first level when you reach the castle so don't give up, just watch out for the Goombas!


Don't be scared, SAY IT.